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The First time Nick and I went to the shops to pick up some groceries we were shocked at the price of Bananas. In fact, Nick was so shocked that he forgot to remove a bunch of them from his shopping basket and was charged $15 for a kilo which worked out at over two quid a banana, ouch!

When we mentioned this to the guys at work, we were told that the high price was due to the cyclone that ripped through the banana growing area of Northern Queensland back in February destroying this year’s crop.

Since then, I’ve not brought or eaten a banana in Australia, even though I love them. Therefore, every time I go past a green grocer I take a look at what the price is in the hope that I can buy some. But to date, the price has not dropped sufficiently for me to start buying them again.

On this page I’ll keep you posted on the price of a kilo of bananas as, hopefully, the price comes down.

15 July – $15.99

31 July – $14.99

14 Aug – $12.99

28 Aug – $10.99

11 Sept – $9.99

25 Sept – $8.99

9 Oct – $7.99

23 Oct – $6.99

7 Nov   $4.99

25 Nov  $3.99

9 Dec $1.99

23 Dec $0.99


Posted October 23, 2011 by yermandownunder

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