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Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Back to work after the festive fun. God I’m looking fat! Ciara, I say, lets start to go to the local pool, you can meet me there after work and we’ll do a few lengths. Good idea says Ciara, so at 5:30 Ciara meets me outside work and we both make our way round to Woden open air pool, which is a five walk away.

When we get there, the pool attendant tells us that it’s adults only swimming after six and Ciara will need to leave the pool by then. So much for our planned fitness regime! But we go in anyway for a few lengths. I think I managed ten and Ciara only did four or five as she claimed that she wasn’t used to a 50 metre pool.

Interesting to point out that Canberra has at least six olympic pools and that’s in a city with only 3 or 4 hundred thousand inhabitants. How many Olympic pools has Britain got? Anyway, we promised ourselves that we’ll go to each one in the Canberra/ACT area before the year is done.


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Welcome to my Australian blog   Leave a comment

Hello everybody and welcome to my Australian Blog!

I know I said that would start writing a blog as soon as I arrived down under but it’s been a mad five or six weeks since I arrived (more of which later!) and I’ve only just got round to sitting down and working out how to write and configure post on this blog.

Firstly I would like to thanks everybody who turned up at my leaving party in early July (So much has happened since then I can’t even remember the date!) and for all the cards and presents I received on the night. Brought most of the prizzies and cards with me but couldn’t get the hat into the suitcase. The cards were a great source of comfort in the first few days after I arrived and I’ve only just took them down. thanks again for all the messages of encouragement and support.

Gail has just arrived back in the UK after spending nearly five weeks down here with me. Glad she was here with me when we moved into our new apartment as I don’t think I would have got anything near ready this quickly without her. Still lots to do but at least I’ve got something like a home to live in

I’m going to sign off for now but please watch this space for more news and pictures in the coming months.


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