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Thursday, 29th December, 2016

Yesterday on a cloudy damp end of year day I completed my third annual 4 Hills Challenge up and down the 4 main ‘mountains’ that dominate the Canberra.

Drove to the top of Black Mountain (paid parking at the bottom and I’m too tight to pay!) and at the stroke of 11am I was off down and around the side of the hill to its foot where the Centenary Trail enters the reserve, where I turned around headed straight back up the tougher ‘Summit’ trail back the top.

Next up was Mt. Ainslie, which was taken in the traditional way from the bottom starting at the back of the War Memorial up and down via the main track which takes in some fantastic views of the City and probably the view view in Canberra from its summit.

Ather lunch at Poppy’s cafe in the War Memorial, I drove over to Garran, where I used to live, to reacquaint myself with walk that I’ve done dozens of times before.

Finally, all that was left was a hike up and down Mt. Taylor, which saw me walk around its base for a few kms and then climbing up the steep summit trail to the top and coming back the via the usual front route.

All up I walked 17.2 km (not the longest hike I’ve ever done!) in just over 3 1/2 hours returning home at around 4:30pm. The cloud cover made it all bearable and the light rain falling on the way down the last hill made for welcome relief from the heat.


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