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Over the past three and a bit years, I’ve realised that I’ve been to a fair number of beaches here in Australia. I’ve been all the way up and down the NSW South coast from Newcastle to Eden, over on the West coast around Perth, down on the Victorian coast in and around Melbourne, as well as along the Great Ocean Road (GOR) and even up on the Gold Coast and beyond in Queensland.

As most of you know me by now, I usually have my camera with me and I normally stop and take a picture or two at most of them. Now I think it’s time I started to catalog them and also rank them into some sort of order, although what that order is at the moment, I’m not sure!

Here’s a few for now and hopefully I’ll keep updating them over time…


Surf Beach, Batemans Bay, NSW
17 July, 2011


Sorrento Beach, Perth, WA
12 July, 2012


Aslings Beach, Eden, NSW
31 Dec, 2013


Manly Beach, Sydney, NSW
5 Oct, 2014

Bournda Beach, Bournda National Park, NSW
19 Oct, 2014

An empty Bondi Beach, Sydney, NSW
7 Nov, 2014

Redhead Beach, Newcastle, NSW
29 December, 2014



Mowarry Point, South Coast, NSW
6 April, 2015


North end of Nelson Beach, Jervis Bay, NSW
9 June, 2015


Murrays Beach, Jervis Bay, NSW
9 June, 2015


Pretty Beach, South Coast, NSW
25 October, 2015



Hyams Beach, Jervis Bay, NSW
9 January, 2016


McKenzies Beach, NSW
28 February, 2016


Boydtown Beach, NSW
26 March, 2016



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