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Friday, 26 February, 2016

Tonight, Barry and I took a bus ride out the Bruce Stadium to watch the Brumbies take on the Hurricanes, from New Zealand, in the opening game of this year’s Super Rugby competition. We took the bus, as we wanted to call into out favourite pub on the way back through town, The Phoenix. However, as we approached the door to get in we were stopped by a sign outside requesting that we paid a $10 entrance fee, which we refused! Being shocked and surprised at the time, we didn’t really agrue the toss at the door, but I was moved to write a large comment/rant on theii FaceBook page and I repeat the post here for your comment…

Unfortunately guys, you’ve killed the goose that laid the golden egg!

We called along on Friday night to partake in couple pints of our favourite black stuff and were met at the door with a demeaning sign demanding $10 of my hard earned! Hang on a second I thought to myself, what’s going on here?

I’ve been coming here for nearly five years now and consider the Phoenix to be one of the best pubs in Canberra. Not anymore! Why? Well what have you done for me recently? It’s been over two years since the fire in the roof space of the Sydney building and understandably you had to close for a while, due to the missing cover above your establishment. Yes you partly opened half the pub as quickly as possible and got bands and other entertainment going soon after that (more about this later!). But wasn’t the same, as the original and best section of the pub steadfastly reminded closed. We understood that there were problems with the insurance claims as to who was going to pay for the replacement roof and the remedial work required to get all the businesses along the strip operational again, but we stuck with you calling in whichever we were in town to keep our iron levels up and to watch the increasingly average bands perform on stage. Then one night we were asked to a pay $5 cover charge to watch a band who had come from out of town. Mmmm, we thought is this the thin edge of the wedge? Sure enough, subsequent visits found us shelling out $5 each time to have our ears assaulted by a string of bands who couldn’t play their instruments or sing properly or even worse, both of the above at the same time.

Okay it’s only $5, what do you expect for a live gig venue! Stick with it guys, all will come good, the pub section will reopen and we can get back to having a true Irish pub atmosphere in Canberra, just like the ones back home with interesting characters propping up the bar and people (Young and old) interested in engaging in conversation late into the evening. Then on Friday night, the final insult, approaching the door with our $5 at the ready, we were greeted with a sign at the door with some supposed witty comments stating that those of us who were employed would have to pay $10 to gain entry while those who weren’t (assuming the unemployed, students, OAPs etc.) would get in for $5. WTF! The thin edge has just got thicker. What’s going on? Is this legal? We were so shocked and disgusted we didn’t even stop to argue to toss and went elsewhere.


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