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Saturday, 14 November, 2015

This evening I went to a Spanish evening at my friends Tim and Ainslie Desmond place and never being one to knock back an evening of great food, drink and company I was keen not to take the car, thus restricting my ‘fuel’ intake. Now the problem in Canberra is that whenever you’re trying to get home from anywhere after a few too many drinks, it cost a fortune as the local taxi firms have the place have the place stitched up with their scandalous rates.

Not any more, this month UBER arrived in town and after downloading the app a few weeks ago I was keen to give them a try, especially after they offered a first ride promotion of $20. So it was with great excitement when the party was winding up, I fired up the app and requested a ‘pickup’. Bang, straight away I got a message on my phone giving me the ETA, driver’s name, as well as the make, model and rego of the car picking me up.

Turns out the driver was an ex taxi driver who give me the lowdown on how the UBER process works for him and his experiences so far (good and bad!). At the end of the journey, Sajjad (my new best friend!) used his app to complete the ride and I received an email detailing the route, timings and cost breakdown of the trip. We both give each other a 5 star rating via the app and I was home after a 22km journey for the grand total of $28.50!

So here’s the great part, even allowing for the full fare of $48.50 that’s still 40/50% cheaper than a taxi would have charged.

Jez that’s good, I might go out more!

The future is here!

The future is here!

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