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Saturday 26/Sunday 27 September, 2015

Every couple of years or so the ACT government arrange the Windows to the World series of tours and open days at the many Embassies and High Commissions in Canberra.

On Saturday afternoon I took a trip over to the South African High Commission to take a look at what they had to offer. IMHO the SA High Commission building is probably the best looking of multitude of embassies in town, however they don’t seem to know how to organise an open day, as there was very little South African culture, heritage, food or drink on offer.

Just around the corner from the South African High Commission was the Open day at Philippine Embassy. I was sure I was going to be allowed into the compound as this was quoted as being a ticketed event, but fear not, a bit of smooth talking at the gate and I was in, just in time to catch the start of the organised events.

The added bonus to this one was that there was free food laid on for the guest and we were treated to a spring roll type starter, bowl of chicken and rice for the main and a three favoured sorbet on a cone for desert, very nice.

The music and dancing on show was pretty interesting with the many cultural influences that make up the Philippines on show, from Spanish type songs serenading young ladies below their bedroom windows, through to the traditional and intricate set dancing of other regions to a spectacular display of pole dancing (no not that type of pole dancing, take a look at the pictures).

On Sunday! probably the most popular embassy open day was staged at the Thai embassy. I was looking forward to this one, as I knew they would have some Thai massage on offer and seeing as my shoulder has been giving me some gip over the past few weeks, I was hoping that a 10/15 minute massage might sort me out.

By the time I arrived at around 11am, the place was already packed with the food stalls down one side of the embassy compound doing a roaring trade and the main lawn covered in people listening to the live band playing under the trees. First things first, I found the massage section and seeing as it was $1 a minute, I paid for a ten minute slot. Jesus! I thought I had made a big mistake as the masseur attacked my neck and shoulders with gusto and I was in agony for the first five minutes or so. However, once the pain had subsided I began to feel the benefit…

I hang around for an hour or so watching some of the cultural displays from around the various parts of the country and left around two o’clock to take a ride around the lake, which was much needed after all the food I’ve eaten over this weekend.


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