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The weekend of 29-31 May, 2015


It feels like I’ve not been to Sydney for ages, so on Friday I escaped from work and drove to Sydney in the afternoon. Arrived at Barbara and Lawrence’s place to find Lawrence just back from shopping and Barbara at work till at least six o’clock, so us menfolk made the executive division to have dinner at the Revesby Workers Club when she returned. Now, I’ve been to a few working men’s clubs in my time, but Revesby Workers Club is not like any of them. They’ve recently had a massive refurbishment during which they practically knocked the place down and built an underground car park serving both the new club and a large supermarket/shops. I was here at New Year, but this is the first time I’ve seen the whole completed complex, very nice, as was the meal we had at their bistro followed by a few drinks at the bar and back at the house (we are talking about Lawrence here after all!).


It was a bit of a late night, but I was still up early to take a walk around the corner to catch the barber shop opening. Normally I use the shears to cut my hair (No. Zero all over), but seeing that winter is just around the corner I’ve been letting it grow a little bit longer, but now it needed a cut. I’ve kind of burnt my bridges at Bentleys in Garran, where Ciara used to work and I used to get free haircuts, meaning that I would have had to Canberra prices for a ten minute job, lets face it, I don’t have too much hair on my head to start with and I bulk at being charged $25. Anyway up in the big smoke I got charged $15 and I even seen it for as low as $9 in the centre of the CBD! I mentioned to Adam (my new bestie!) that I was in town for the Tottenham Hotspur match and soon we were in deep discussion about the match, Man United, my team, Man City, his team and all things football.

After a cooked English (it always taste better when someone else cooks it!), I took the dogs for a walk around the suburbs and was surprised to see so many houses being either renovated or built, in fact there are a couple of new houses opposite Barbara and Lawrence’s which were having ‘open house’ inspections later in the day. When I returned I found that Lauren’s car was in the driveway, which meant that the lovely Lucy was in town. Sure enough there she was roost in the front room, I was surprised to find her standing at the table for support. That’s nothing, said Lauren, watch this and she lifted her and put her down in the middle of the room where we were treated to watching her first steps.

I had checked into the YHA at the Rock on Saturday night, mainly due to the fact that I would be coming out of the game late and maybe going on to take a look at the Vivid Festival, as well as the possibility of watching the FA cup final in the Star casino at 2am. So when Lauren said she was headinG off past the train station I jumped the chance to get a lift in order to get an earlier train into town, where I checked into the YHA just after two in the afternoon. For the first ever, mainly due to the fact that I was there just after the official check-in time I got a lower bunk in a four man dormitory. I knew that Barry was in town for a concert at the Opera House later in the evening, so we arranged to Meet at Rubens in the Westfield Centre on Pitt Street, were we both had their world famous Rubens on Rye. However, I got but food envy when I saw someone order the Meat Lovers triple decker! (Next time).

So, what to do when you have a few hours to kill before the main event of your evening? Go to the pub of course, so Barry suggested that we have a ‘few’ pints of Guinness in Maloneys Irish pub further down Pitt Street. At the appropriate time I Headed back to YHA to change for the match and attempted to take a quick look at the Vivid lights around Circular Quay, but it was a zoo so I headed off for the train to Homebush and the ANZ Stadium, the site of the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

The stadium was nearly full for the match between Tottenham and Sydney FC, but to be honest it was a bit of a disappointment, especially in the second half where the best thing happening was watching the paper aeroplanes being thrown from the top tier of the stand in an attempt to reach the pitch. After the game I returned to Circular quay on the train to find it much more desirable and actually got to see some of the Vivid Festival. On the way round I bumped into Barry and we decided to head off into the Rocks to find the Mercantile Hotel which is located underneath the Harbour Bridge. The house band was murdering some rock classics, so we attempted to find a quiet part of the pub, not easy, but the craic and Guinness were good, so we stayed for one or two too many.

The long day caught up on me, so I decided not to head off to the Star casino to watch the FA Cup final between the Arse and Vill, much to Barry’s relief I think! We returned to the YHA with Barry to discover that they would be showing the game in the TV lounge on the top floor. Decide to have a lie down for an hour and when I mentioned my room I found out that Barry was staying in the same four man dormitory as me! Got ready for bed and suffice to say I didn’t wake up until the morning to find out the Arse won 4 nil.


There’s a small cafe in the reception on the YHA, so I bought a coffee and toast and took it up to the on terrace on the roof, wow one of the best views in Sydney and all for $52. Later I had breakfast with Barry in a fantastic cafe hidden away in the Rocks somewhere with a courtyard that he has discovered, before heading off to see the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) 2015 Photo Journalist exhibition at the NSW State Library. Great pictures, but some of them were very confronting and were not for the squeamish. I headed back to the train station to return to Barbara and Lawrence’s via a couple of shoe shops, but couldn’t be bothered to do any shopping. However I just missed the fast train back, meaning that I have to wait for another twenty minutes and then ride the slow train that stopped at all stations to Revesby. Therefore, I only had time to have a quick cup of tea with Lawrence before driving back to Canberra, hoping to avoid driving down the Federal Highway in the dark (Remember last year and the Kangaroo that wrote my car off).


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