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Sunday, 24 May, 2015

Continuing a theme I started last weekend, I decided to return to the Namadgi National Park to tackle a walk that I’ve been meaning to do for ages. Nearly 2 years ago, I went camping up at the former NASA space tracking station at Honeysuckle Creek and completed a hike from there to the other space tracking station at Orroral. This time I meant to go the opposite direction and hike up to the Booroomba rocks which are supposed to offer spectacular views of the surrounding countryside and Canberra in the distance.

Normally I like to try to start these things pretty early in the morning, but this morning it was fecking freezing in Canberra and I opted to stay in bed for an extra hour until the sun had burnt off the early-morning frost before leaving for the National Park and the car park at Honeysuckle Creek. Upon arrival, I bumped into a large group of older hikers (I must be careful when I say ‘older’ these days, as I’m getting that way myself!), who were planning on doing the same thing as me. After a quick chat with them, I was off and was soon following the clearly signposted track out of the bottom of the campsite area and into the woods. Around 400m in, the track intersected with the Australian Alps Walking Track which runs from the Namadgi Visitors Centre all the way down through the high peaks of the NSW and Victorian mountains to somewhere near Melbourne. I followed this track to the Booroomba Rocks car park and then took the track which leads up the steep ravine towards the rocks themselves.

There’s a sign just back from the rocks warning people to be careful of the cliff edge, but it should also warn of breathtaking views from the top! The early morning mist/frost had given way to the most spectacular sunny day which afforded me clear views of the surround country side and the city of Canberra in the distance. It’s only a 20/30 minute walk up from the car park, so lots of people had taken the opportunity to come up and take in the view. I hung around for an half hour or so watching rock climbers tackling the sheer granite cliff face, taking pictures and exploring the pathway along the top of the rocks.

I retraced my steps back to Honeysuckle Creek, checking out the route of the Australian Alps Walking Track up towards Mt. Tennent along the way (a future hike me thinks), where I had to good look around the, now demolished, site of the former NASA Space Tracking Station which was built by the Americans to track the Apollo moon missions, Skylab and early Space Shuttle flights. In fact, Honeysuckle Creek’s main claim is that it’s the place where the TV pictures from the Neal Armstrong’s first steps on the moon where received on earth and then broadcast around the world to an awestruck audience.


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