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Saturday, 07 March, 2015

This weekend I’m staying up in the winter Ski Resort of Thredbo in the Snowy Mountains. I have been invited to stay at the ski lodge of my work friend Katrina and her partner David, also with us are Katrina’s friends Bernadette and Carole and Bernadette’s partner Les. We all drove up from Canberra yesterday afternoon and spent the evening drinking champagne, red wine and beer whilst consuming large quantities of nibbles and pizzas purchased from the local pizzeria.

The main reason I’m here is to hike the anti-clockwise circuit of the Main Range trail from Charlottes Pass and this morning we all rose from bed at some ridiculous hour, had breakfast, made our lunches for the day and drove back down the valley that Thredbo is located and round into Perisher Valley where the ski resort of Perisher is located and onto the end of the road and Charlottes Pass. Those avid readers on my blog will note that I’ve already ‘done’ the Main Range trail twice before, with the first one being an absolute nightmare due to the fact that I was around 25kg heavier and was wearing brand new boots which hadn’t been broken in, thus resulting in me developing the biggest blisters ever. Today’s 22km hike is also my last long hike before I start tapering down my training for the 50km option of the Canberra 100 (CBR100) in a few weeks’ time. Carole and Bernadette are also doing the CBR100 (25km option) as a team of three with their friend Rosemary, who could Not make it this weekend.

So at around 9am, we started on our way down the steep slope that leads to the first of our two crossings of the Snowy River and the start of the nightmarish climb up to the Blue Lake and beyond that to Mt. Carruthers. At the lookout overlooking the Blue Lake, we all had a well earned rest and I took a few pictures of the others with the lake in the background. The rest of the way up to the summit of Mt. Carruthers was a breeze compared to the slog that we had just endured. Here we had another break whilst surveying the spectacular mountain ranges spread out below us. All to soon, it was time to move on and head for our planned lunch time stop on the ridge-line overlooking Lake Albina. This part of the day was pretty easy and we soon reached a great spot where we could stop,  eat and enjoy the view. And how we were rewarded, with some fantastic views of the lake and the clouds rushing in over it from the valley below.

At this time, we started to notice that there were quite a lot of people coming along the track from the direction that we were heading. We were speculating that these people had taken the ‘easy’ option of taking the chair lift up from Thredbo and hiking across the moorland and this was confirmed when we reached the junction of the Main Range Track and Rawson’s Pass that leads up to the top of Mt. Kosciuszko where we saw hordes of people heading up from the chair life. This couple of Ks that leads up to the top of the mountain isn’t officially part of the Main Range Trail, but the majority of us couldn’t pass up on the chance of stand on the highest point in Australia.

After meeting up with those of us who didn’t go for the top (Bernadette and Les) at the toilet block at the head of the Summit Road, we knew that we only had a 7.2km decent down the old road past Seamans Hut and the second Snowy River crossing, this time over a bridge back to Charlottes Pass. All up we travelled 22.4km in a tad over six hours and I must say that I felt pretty good at the end, although I did fall asleep on the drive back to base.

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