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Saturday, 10 January, 2015

Jez, I’ve just woken up from a nap after returning from my latest hike. I don’t normally sleep during the day, but I think I earned this one, let me explain…

Every three month a gang of us from work take part in a hike somewhere in the country around Canberra. The 25th ‘Bike Hike’ in this series was supposed to take place up on Mt. Kosciuszko in the Snowy Mountains about two hours’ drive from the ACT, but the expected 40mm of rain in the region forced us to re-arrange the venue to Mt Gingera in the Namadgi National Park just to the south of the capital.

So this morning six of us, James, Ronan, Patrick, Phil, Tony and myself found ourselves in a MacDonald’s restaurant (is that what they call then these days!) at 7am preparing ourselves for the drive into the national park and up to far end of the Corin dam where the hike would start.

Even though the skies were grey, it was still very humid morning and I think we all found it hard work scaling the steep climb out of the valley in which the dam is located. Four hours later we were at the highest point in the ACT looking down on some fantastic views of the ranges that surrounded us.

Coming down only took two hours, but in some ways it was harder than coming up. Near the end a couple of us were struggling to make it down in one piece and to make thing worst, we could hear the thunder rolling in over the hills. As it was, we just made it back to the cars in time to beat the torrential downpour that surely would have soaked us all if we’d been caught up in it further up the hill. The rain did put paid to our planned BBQ and beers to celebrate the 25th edition of the ‘Big Hike’ series, although we still had the beers! So we had to make do with a coffee and egg/bacon sandwich at the café halfway down the mountain on the way home.


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