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Wednesday, 19 November, 2014

Skipped off work this afternoon to travel down to Manuka Oval with Patrick and a couple of friends from work, Glenn and Ron to watch the third in the series of One Day International (ODI) cricket match currently being held between Australia and South Africa.

Arrived at the ground well before the scheduled start of 14:20 and found a great spot on the grass bank underneath the main scoreboard. As we were chatting in the lead up to the toss, we were approached by a television crew who were conducting interviews around the ground. They had spotted that Ron and myself were sporting Mo’s for Movember and told us that they were doing a spot on the programme later about cricket and November and would we be willing to be interviewed. So 10/15 minutes later I found myself down at pitch side telling the world about my Mo and the money that I and the Movember Team at work have raised so far. I tried to contact the folks back in the office so that they could catch my 2 minutes of frame on the office TV, but it looked as though the piece wasn’t broadcast live outside the ground.

Anyway Australia won the toss and elected to bat on what is always considered a batsman friendly pitch and not long after that the South Africans were entering the field of play along with the two Aussie opening batsmen. Manuka Oval has a new increased capacity of 13 thousand and by the time the match started I would say it was two thirds full and we were entertained by an opening partnership of well over a hundred before the first wicket fell. Not all of the crowd got to see it though, as Glenn was at the bar getting the beers in when Warner was caught in the field for 53 runs. As suspected, wickets were at a premium while the batsmen made hay in the middle and after their allotted 50 overs Australia had made 329 for the fall of 5 wickets.

Today was a hot day, not as hot as the last time I watched cricket on this ground, so I was glad that I had elected to cover-up completely and it was good to see that the organisers had learnt the lessons from the last one dayer and had plenty of water stations dotted around the ground for me to re-fill my water bottle up. However, by the time the South Africans came out to bat the sun and the temperature had started to drop, so I could switch from drinking water to beer!

Like Australia, South Africa made an excellent start and the first wicket didn’t fall until 3 figures were on the scoreboard. I managed to miss the next couple of wickets while I was waiting in the queue for the loo and bar. The next couple of batsmen (Alma & De Villers) started to build a big partnership and it looked as though they were cruising to victory as the Aussies struggled to press home their attack, in fact I took the opportunity to grab my camera and take a walk around the ground capture some images. When I got back to the boys on the hill I was given a beer by Patrick and just as we were sitting down to drink it, Alma hit an almighty six and guess what, it was heading straight for me! Jesus, what do I do?

  1. Coolly put down my beer, stand up and safely catch the ball two handed and accept the adulation of those around me and the millions watching on TV.

  2. Keep hold of my beer, catch the ball one handed and become a viral internet sensation.

  3. Sit there frozen to the spot, spill my beer all over my lap and meekly stick a hand out in a weak attempt to catch the ball only for it to sail pass and thud into the grass bank behind me.

I’ll let you decide!

Not long after this, alma reached his hundred and de Villers clocked up his fifty, but that’s when the wheels came of the South African innings as within a couple of overs of this, both were out and after that the South Africans started to lose wickets on a regular basis and in the end the Australians won the game quite easily by 73 wons.

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