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Sunday, 9 November, 2014

Up early this morning to drive back from Sydney in order to catch one of my favourite days of the year, the Wet Spot Watersports open day on Lake Burley Griffin. On the way in Canberra I received a couple of phone calls from some people who were meeting me later in the day. As it was, I made good time after leaving Sydney at 7:30am and was rolling into the site of the open day at 10:30 to be greeted with a vast array of watercraft already on the water. The weather gods were also smiling on us today, as the sun with out and there wasn’t a breath of wind to speak off.

After signing in and donning a lift jacket (insurance proposes!), I was just taking a couple of pictures of the scene when James and Grainne rolled up on their bikes after riding down from their place up in Garran. James is keen as mustard on getting a kayak of some sort, although Grainne isn’t so keen! So the first craft we jumped into a couple of single kayaks and were soon paddling off across the lake. By the time we got back, Nick had arrived and was looking to jump onto a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) where he showed off his balancing skills which were in no doubt honed on the slopes of ski fields up in the Snowy Mountains. Not long after this, Patrick and his son, Owen turned up, complete with matching rash vests! They too were keen to try out as many of the kayaks as possible and soon everybody was out on the water in or on some sort of craft. We even bumped into Glenn, who was trying out of the windsurfers, even though the wind was hardly blowing at all.

One of the major SUP manufactures, Naish, were showing off their latest range of SUPs and I was keen to try out a couple of their inflatable models which pack away into a bag whilst not in use instead of having to be strapped to the top of your car. One of my major concerns was would they be able to carry someone of my size and weight without folding in half like standing on a lilo at the beach! I tried out at least three of their range and I can happily say that even the smallest one stood up to the test without any problems.

After a couple of hours messing about on and in my case in the water, we decided to de-camp and meet up again farther  down the lake shore at the Yacht Club for coffee/beer, fish and chips and a chat under the trees on the lake side lawns. A great day with a couple of decisions made as to what people want to do about purchasing any of the equipment we played on earlier in the day.

Watch this space for an announcement!

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