Melbourne (Day 3) – I’ve Reached the Edge   Leave a comment

Sunday, 22 June, 2014

Just about managed to force myself out of bed this morning. Note to self, try to get some sleep in the bank before you go away on weekends like this!

Anyway, spent an hour or so in the gym/swimming pool before packing up and leaving the apartment at the allotted check out time. My flight back to Canberra didn’t leave till 3:30pm and although I still needed to get to the airport in good time, via the excellent SkyBus, I had around 4 hours to kill on a beautiful Melbourne morning.

I considered taking the tram down to St. Kilda beach, but considering the time I had left I reckoned that I would only have an hour or so down there before I had to return to the station to catch the bus. The answer has been looming over me all weekend! The Eureka Tower is Melbourne’s tallest building and being one of the highest buildings in Australia, they’ve not missed a trick by having an observation deck up near the top and by all accounts it was something worth taking a look at.

First things first, breakfast! On the way to the Eureka Tower on the South Bank of the Yarra river is a vast array of bars, cafés and restaurants which all looked very inviting as I walked  along  taking pictures. I opted for one that had a great looking outdoor area bathed in sunshine and after being seated next to a patio heater I was soon enjoying a full English whilst being entertained by the live singer located somewhere inside and by the sights of the locals doing their Sunday morning things.

After breakfast I walked around the corner to the SkyDeck entrance of the Eureka Tower, paid my money (you didn’t think it was free did you?) and took the 40 second lift trip up the 88th floor to the SkyDeck. For an extra $15 on top of the admission price to the SkyDeck, I was given a beeper which would tell me that my time to experience ‘The Edge Experience‘ had arrived, so I spent the time in between walking around the floor to ceiling windows taking in the magnificent 360 degree views of Melbourne and the surrounding area. The only problem was that the glass was very reflective and I struggled to get any decent pictures through it.

Finally after around 45 minutes, my beeper went off and I walked over to the entrance to ‘the Edge’. After a brief safety talk and slipping on a pair of special socks over my shoes, we were ushered into a room where we had to leave all our stuff, including camera, phones etc. before entering the glass box that is ‘The Edge’. The glass on three sides and the floor (we had been assured that it was very thick glass!) was frosted and the eight of us in there took up positions around the edge of the box, strangely nobody wanted to stand in the middle of the box! This is where it got weird, as as soon as the attendant closed the door, the whole box started to move away from the building. There was a bit of dramatic music and suddenly the frosted glass cleared and we found ourselves 300 metres above the streets below. Once the box was safely brought back in, we all posed for pictures inside (another $15).

I returned to the airport a little bit early after taking a walk up through town to the train station where the airport transfer was located and was rewarded by being able to watch extended highlights of the earlier Germany v Ghana World Cup match in the airport lounge, before brooding the flight for my journey home.


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