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Saturday. 21 June, 2014

After what seemed like only a few hours’ sleep, I was awake and getting ready to nip down for session in the gym and pool in the basement of the apartment complex. Great facility, but I would hate to see what the body corporate fees are for this place! Anyway, time for to find some breakfast and a bit of retail therapy at the DPO on the South Wharf. I only bought a couple of shirts in one of the menswear shops and as I was paying I was telling the shop assistant that I was down for the Hawthorn v Collingwood match at the ‘G. “Who are you supporting” she asked and when I asked her for a recommendation she replied “Anyone but Collingwood”. It turns out that everybody hates Collingwood because their fans are so boorish, so I promised her that I would be a Hawthorn fan for the day. After dropping my stuff back at the apartment, I headed into town for a quick look around before heading off to the MCG to catch the match.

Well that was the plan, until I jumped on a tram outside my place which I thought was heading the right direction, as where I was expecting the tram to turn down Bourke Street and into the CBD, it carried on Spencer Street toward North Melbourne. No problem, I’ll just jump off and walk the rest of the way. All well and good, until I had just stepped off the tram and realised I had left my hut on the seat, worst still inside my hat was my trusty phone, SHIT! As I turned round to get back on the doors had already closed and the tram had started to move off down the road, SHIT! Most of the trams that run in central Melbourne do so on the street where of course cars travel as well, so you had the sight of me running (not very fast) after a tram with a line of cars following me. Anyway the lead car sounded his horn and pulled up beside me and after a bit of explaining got me to jump in and off we raced after the tram. A few hundred meters down the road, the tram stopped at the next stop and out I jumped to reboard and retrieve my hat and phone, which were still sitting on the seat where I had left them. However, when I got back off the tram and returned to the back of the tram to thank the driver for his help, he was gone!

Anyway, I took my stroll around the shopping street of central Melbourne and then decided to catch another tram on the other side, which took me down to the MCG, where I was meeting Rory, Aaron and Dave. Rory and Aaron are the two oldest sons of James and Grainne, who live just up the hill from me in Garran and Dave is a friend of Aaron’s whom he meet on his Australian working holiday. Immediately, I could tell that today’s crowd was going to be a lot bigger than last night’s and by the time I had contacted Aaron on his mobile to see were we should met, I had noticed massive queues outside the main entrance points. At the gate where we could enter the ground, we had some fun and games trying to distributed the eTickets that Aaron had purchased around the various smart-phones we all had and in the end we just got Aaron to stand at the gate and scan each one in turn to let us in. We were back up on the forth level, so by the time we made our way up there, grabbed some beers and found our seats, the game had already started.

As with last night, my strategy was to see who the majority of people sitting around us were supporting and fall into line with them, so imagine my relief when we found we were sitting in the Hawks (Hawthorn) supporters’ club section! Anyway the game itself was close for the first half, with the Hawks just edging a high scoring first half. However, the break they scored several quick goals and were soon out of sight of Collingwood with the final score coming in at Hawthorn 115, Collingwood 86. After the usual post match club song etc. we left the ground and headed towards Richmond High Street where Rory had assured us was the best little bistro serving delicious American BBQ. He was right, MeatMother was excellent and the four of us enjoyed some fantastic meats from their Meat Tray selection. After a couple of beers in the pub across the road, Rory did the sensible thing and went home, especially so as he had had been on a heavy night last night was still feeling the after effects.

Aaron and Dave had other ideas, so we decided to head home, grab a shower and change of clothes and meet again in the World Cup zone at the casino in order to meet some of their friends and maybe watch another World Cup match in the small hours of the morning.

When coming out of the World Cup Zone after the Italy v Costa Rica match on Saturday morning, I was presented with a free $10 bet to be used in the casino> As I was pretty tried I just stuck in my wallet and forgot about until I was walking of the same place tonight. I’d already said goodnight to Aaron, Dave and their friends and as I walked place the $10 roulette table I remembered the free bet in my pocket. Sod it, so I put the voucher on red and won. Wow! double your money, that was easy. Okay $10 on Evens, won again! Upshot is after a few more goes I was $100 up and going home a happy man.

“I wonder if I put that $100 on Black …”



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