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Saturday, 7 June, 2014

Tonight I was going to tell you all about my perfect day at the beach.

I was going to tell you that I left Canberra early this morning with some friends, stopping off at Braidwood for the customary pie and coffee, arriving at Pebbly Beach at around 10:30. Then I was going to tell you about being the first on the beach, taking pictures of the kangaroos sunbathing on the dunes, perfecting my body surfing technique in the crystal clear sea, relaxing on the sand by reading the newspaper, doing some exercises in the shade and taking a stroll along the beach to the rock pools at the end.

Then, when we realised we were hungry, I was going to tell you that we drove up the coast to Mollymook for fish n chips at the beach side cafe, took another stroll along the beach to watch the surfers in the turning tide and then leave for home. I was also going to describe how we stopped off in Bungendore on the way home for a beer/coffee sat beside a roaring fire in the local hostelry.

I was going to tell about all those things and more, but unfortunately on the way out of  Bungendore, on a long straight stretch of road, I picked up a couple of kangaroos on the side of road heading towards us in my headlights. The next few seconds were a bit of a blur, but the upshot of it all meant that I struck one of the roos with the front left hand side of my car. After pulling over, we ran back to check on the kangaroo, but with the force of the impact, it was already dead on the side of the road, along with the little Joey it was carrying in its pouch. Checking the car revealed extensive damage to the front headlight, bonnet and wing of the car, but luckily the car was still driveable, so it was with great sadness, we drove the last few miles back into Canberra.

When I got home, I posted an update on my Facebook page and although most people were sympathetic in their comments, one in particular stood out for its frankness, cheers GerdyBo!

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