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Sunday, 18 May, 2014

Million Paws Walk

Each year the RSPCA in Australia hold a fund raising day called the Million Paws Walk during which thousands of dogs and their owners go for a walk in organised events in cities across Australia. A few weeks ago, Barry was telling me that as usual he would going along to help with the event and would in all probability be showing off one the dogs from the RSPCA compound that he volunteers at, who would be up for adoption on the day of the event. When I pointed out that this was unfair and I was being discriminated against as I didn’t have dog, a few people offered me their pooches for the day.

So this morning I meet with Verity and her sister’s dog, Rabbit, for breakfast near the venue where the Canberra event was being held, then joined the hundreds of others inside the gates of the Commonwealth Park near the lake to watch Barry do his stuff on stage with Aussie. The problem was, Barry and Aussie weren’t there and after asking around and making a few calls I discovered that Aussie and some of the other dogs up for adoption had got quite excited with all the commotion in the park and they had to set off around the 6km course early in a bid to claim them down and then return them to the kennels over on the other side of town. So we took a walk around the various stalls setup inside the main arena and chatted to the owners of some of the more unusual dogs on show (see pictures below).

Then at 11 O’clock precisely, a hooter was sounded and suddenly we were on our way on the walk. The only problem is that the paths in and around the Commonwealth Park area of Lake Burley Griffin are quite narrow and we did more standing around than actual walking. This continued around the lake until we crossed one of the bridges over the lake, where the congestion eased. We had both come prepared for the cold weather that was forecast, but as the day progressed, the sun came out and it turned out to be a very nice day for a walk. So much so, that near the end of the walk, we decided to call into one of the cafes overlooking the lake for a coffee and by the number dogs and their owners, quite a few people had had the same idea.

As I was going to be in town anyway, Barry and I had arranged to meet up in the afternoon to go to the Raiders game later in the day, so I got myself over to the centre of town in order to jump on one of the free buses that would take me up to the stadium at Bruce.


As the bus pulled up to the stadium, Barry was waiting for me with the tickets and once we were inside, we soon found our seats in a great spot low down near the centre line. This was my first Raider’s Rugby League game of this season and I must say that the atmosphere compared to the Brumbies Rugby Union games we’ve been too recently was completely different, with the crowd willing to get behind the home team and not being shy about ripping into the opposition and match officials at every opportunity, mostly with very colourful language. They had plenty to be angry about as although the Raiders scored first, the Panthers were soon level and not long after that had taken the lead. At one point, it looked as though the away team would run away with the game, however in the second half, no doubt after a severe bullocking from the coach, the Raiders clawed their way back into the game. In the end, the panthers just managed to hang on to their lead and won the game 26 points to the Raiders 20. To say that the locals were not happy as we made our way home on the bus would be an understatement, as the referee had made some controversial decisions against the home team when they were is a good position to score, but in the end the best team won on the night.

Try telling that to the one eyed green monsters who support the Green Machine!


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