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Saturday, 10 May, 2014

Kingston Foreshore International Music Festival 

Another bright and breezy day in Canberra and thank god for that, as I was planning on being outside for most of the day. First up, it was washing and cleaning inside the apartment, never a happy experience, but it has to be done.

Anyway, at the appointed hour I was off to pick up Barry at his place and then we were off on the short drive over the hill to Norgrove Park on the Kingston Foreshore, where the annual International Music Festival was being held. Those keen readers of my blog may remember that this is an event that I’ve been too a couple of times in my time here and that it’s usually a decent day out. When we arrived, we were surprised to find that we could park the car fairly close to the site if the venue and that the crowd was well down on previous years, maybe it was something to do with the threatening weather which had been forecast to break sometime in the afternoon.

The format of the day is usually 6 or 7 artists, who are performing the international music Festival being held in Canberra all this week, having 10/15 minute set to show off their work. First up was the Raio de Sol Canberra Community Samba Band who choose not too one stage and instead mingled in amongst a crowd getting people to play some of their instruments, the kids love it. Next up was Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens who wowed the crowd with their fantastic vocal harmonising, after this we had a couple of strange acts including a guy who was playing the Symbian (he went down like a lead balloon!) and a couple of bands who were playing brass instruments, mostly trumpets. During this time Barry and I took the opportunity to browse the festival market stalls and purchase a couple of beers from the bar located at the rear of the event, again noting that the crowd was well down on last year’s.

The final act of the festival was a local band of Bolivians called los Chavos who sang mostly in Spanish with a bit of rap thrown in for good measure. The festival ended just after five o’clock as promised as I think the organisers were keen to pack up as they were aware that the rain was coming at any minute.

The second part of our day was to get ourselves over to Bruce stadium to watch the Brumbies play a South African team in the super fifteen rugby union competition. The plan was to grab a quick burger at Brodburger in the Glassworks just down the road from the festival, then drive back to Woden, park the car and jump on one of the free buses is that would take us to the game. The first part of the plan worked out well with us having an excellent burger and a beer, but we nearly screwed up the second part by arriving slightly late at the bus station to catch the scheduled bus. However, our luck was in as the bus was still sat at the bus stop as we ran across from the car park…

Brumbies v The Sharks

On the way into the coach park at the ground, we noticed that the promised rain had arrived and by the time we were in the ground, trying to find our seats, it was lashing down. As we sheltered under the grandstand hoping for a break, I received a call from Patrick and Michelle who were at the match with their son, Owen who was to be part of the guard of honour for the players as they ran out onto the pitch. Owen’s club The Vikings, and a few other junior RU clubs in the area had been invited to partake in the pre-match rituals as well as play a short game on the pitch at half time and Patrick had asked me to bring along my big camera to record the event. Luckily, for everybody involved, the heavy rain eased off and after locating our seats I took a walk over to the other side of the ground to meet Patrick and Michelle to find out what was going on. After we had worked out where Owen would be appearing and standing on the pitch as the players from both teams, I managed to take up position on top of the players tunnel to take some shots of Owen and his mates performing their duties.

The match itself was a bit of a dull affair with both teams content with kicking the ball to the opposition in the hope that they would make a handling error. The South African team were a big unit with some particularly  huge monsters in their front row. Both penalty kickers had a shocking game, with the Shanks guy having a stinker missing some routine kicks and even kicking the ball out on the full at the restart a couple of times, which is a big no-no in RU. In fact, the section of crowd that we were in, had started to warm to this guy and every time he got the ball, a huge cheer went up in anticipation of him dropping a bollock, which usually happened. Of course at half time, Owen and his mates came running onto the pitch to set up their little game and although he was a little to far away for me to get some decent shots of him, he certainly looked as though he was enjoying himself out there.

In the second half the Brumbies scored the only try of the game and this proved to the difference between the two teams in the end, with the ACT team running out 16-9 winners. Thankfully, the rain held off for the entire game and we were able to jump on the bus back to Woden and drive home without getting wet.


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