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Friday, 25 April, 2014

It’s a hundred years since the start of the First World War or if you’re an Australian, 99 years since the anniversary of Gallipoli! This morning I was up at 4am to catch a bus up to the Australian War Memorial, where the ANZAC Day Dawn Service was being held. Thousands of people had made the journey from all over Australia to commemorate the Australian and New Zealand Army Corp. landings at Gallipoli, Turkey, which many people see as the birth of the Australian and New Zealand nations. Apparently, joining us today was HRH Wills and Kate, although I couldn’t see them in the dark, but it was good of them come and see me on their last day of their successful Australian tour.

As I did last year, I took a quick tour of the Roll of Honour, where I saw the changing of the guard ceremony being performed with military precision as I entered the memorial itself. One of the most ‘popular’ campaigns commemorated was the latest one that the Australian defence forces have been involved in, Afghanistan, which festooned with dozens of red poppies. As I came out of the Memorial and walked over to where the buses were parked, I soon realised that I had missed the last free bus back to Woden and my car that was parked at the station. After refusing the offer from the bus supervisor of laying on a huge bendy bus just to take home, I took a walk down ANZAC Parade to look at the many campaign memorials that line its length. I’ve said this before, but they do like a good memorial in Canberra!.

As it still only 7 in morning decided to take a walk around the lake in the early morning mist and jump on a regular bus back to my car. Of course, by this time I was starving and through careful research beforehand, I knew I could get an ANZAC Day breakfast at the excellent Doubleshot cafe in Deakin before returning home.

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