ANZAC Day (Two-up & Rugby)   Leave a comment

Friday, 25 April, 2014

A very popular tradition on ANZAC Day is a gambling game called Two-Up. I think I’m right in saying that it’s banned for the rest of the year and can only be legally be played today. I must say after Barry and I met up at 2pm to watch the Two-up at the Hellenic club, I can understand the reasons for not playing it all round round.

Let me explain the rules… Chaos! I’m not sure there are any, but the main purpose is for the player who has the ‘paddle’ with three coins lined up on it, to toss them into the air and providing the coins land within a designated area of the arena, those punters who have bet on the majority of the coins being heads/tails win their stake plus the stake of the person they paired up with, who obviously bet on the opposite being the case. There seemed to be some sort of official bookmaker involved in the middle, but most of the crowd looked as though they were betting amongst themselves. As you can imagine there was large volumes of alcohol being consumed whilst all this is going on and the noise level was unbelievable as people were shouting at each other in an attempt to find a match for their bet. We spoke to one of the barmaids who said that it had been like that since they opened at 11am and the club had already run out of some of the tap beers.

A new tradition that the local council are trying to establish is an annual Rugby Union match between the Brumbies and a New Zealand team as part of the regular season Super 15 tournament. So, after dragging ourselves away from the spectacle at the Hellenic we jumped on the free bus to the stadium out at Bruce and watched the game against the Chiefs from NZ. After an excellent match, which the Brumbies just managed to win, we returned to the Hellenic for a quick drink and to see if the place had survived the carnage of the Two-up. Thankfully it had, but there were a few people nursing sore heads and no doubt empty pockets still in there.

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