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Easter Sunday, 2014

Well this morning when I woke up to another fantastic day, weather wise, I made the decision to carry on camping instead of returning to Canberra as planned. In order to save time, I broke camp and headed back into Narooma and the beach side cafe at Surf Beach for breakfast. Anyway that was the plan, but instead I got talking to this really nice old couple on the beach and this delayed me by about an hour. This coupled with the longer than expected drive down the Princes Highway, for some reason I thought it was only about 70km to Eden, meant that I didn’t arrive into the Boydtown Campsite, south of Eden until midday.

First impressions were not good as the site looked fairly barren after being in amongst the trees up at Mystery Bay. However after driving around for a while, I just got out of the car and listened for the sound of the sea. Once I had established where it was, I found an excellent spot right next to a path leading to the beach. I took a long walk round Twofold Bay after setting up camp stopping at either end to take pictures and have a chat with the many fishermen (and women) who were busy pulling Flathead, Sea Bream, Salmon etc. out of the water. I also stopped for drink at the Seahorse Inn which is located right of the shoreline and was packed with Easter Sunday dinners.

On the way back to the tent, I decided that enough is enough with the campfire cooked steak, onions and green beans. So I took a nice long HOT shower. Wow, did I tell you how COLD the showers were up at Mystery Bay! put on my best jeans and sweatshirt and walked back along the beach to the Seahorse to grab some dinner. Before I could do that, I needed to recharge both the iPad and iPhone. As luck would have it, the Chinese Grand Prix was on the telly in the lounge, so I found a couple of power points, plugged it and sat back and watched the race. The dining room was pretty quiet when I entered, but soon filled up, but now I’m the last one here as I am writing this blog and enjoying a beer or two.

Plan to return to the camp site, light a fire and kick back for a while. Just have to find my way back along the beach in the dark!

Posted April 20, 2014 by yermandownunder in Observations, Out and about, Travels

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