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Easter Saturday, 2014

I woke up with start in the middle of the night, as even though I was sent off to sleep with the waves lapping up on the beaches below, the sound of them at 2am made me think they were just about to come crashing into the tent. Anyway, got back to sleep and woke again at 6:30, which constitutes a lay in for me these days!

First things first, make a brew and ponder what to do for the rest of the day. The first thing was easy, go for a swim and them maybe a bike ride on one of the trails that the local council have set up along the coast. So I took a stroll down to Billy’s beach which is about a hundred metres away and was greeted by what looked like a witch’s caldron of a sea. The tide was right in and the waves were breaking onto what was left of the beach. Fear not, I’m from Salford and I’m going in, no matter what. Anyway there were a couple of surfers further out in the really rough stuff, so it could be that bad, right!

Wrong, upon entering the sea the first wave got hold of me and dumped me back on the beach. Mmmmm, maybe I was unlucky! No the same thing happened again and again until I realised that it was foolhardy to carry on, so I came off the beach defeated. By this time the surfers were coming in as well and we got chatting, only for them to tell me that what we were experiencing was the tail end of a recent Cyclone that hit far North Queensland last week and had send a storm surge down the Australian Eastern seaboard. Anyway, I return to the tent and knocked up some bacon, sausage, egg and mushrooms for breakfast. Once everything was squared away, I took the bike out for a ride the Nar5 cycleway which runs past the campsite and south down the coast for around 5 or 6km. It was a great ride on most gravel roads with some pretty steep hills thrown in. Fantastic views along the way though and at the half way point, I got the iPad out to discover that I had a decent signal, so I spent half an hour or so catching up on news, sport, emails, Facebook etc. Can’t get a signal in the campsite, which is great, but I do like to know what’s going on the world.

One of the things I did whilst in contact with the outside world, was to ring James to see if he, Grainne and their son, Rory would be joining me for the night down at Eden (about 100km further down the coast). When he told me that they had decided to stay in Canberra for the rest of the weekend, I made the decision that I would stay another night here in Mystery Bay and see what the weather has in store tomorrow before deciding on whether to carry on to Eden or return home. Normally when I go camping, I only stay one night in a place and then move on, so this would be a first for me staying the same place for two nights. Now I had to decide on what to do for the rest of the day. Well the swim this morning was a bit of a wash out (or should I say wipe out!), so I took myself back up to Narooma in the car to visit Surf Beach, which is just below ??? Campsite, a place I’ve been too a couple of times before, on the way in I called at the Woolworths Supermarket to pick up some supplies. At the beach I found that the Surf Life Savers were on duty, as I expected, but to my surprise nobody was swimming between the flag and in fact there was only a few people on the whole beach. I checked what time the beach cafe was closing and then wandered over to chat with the two lads manning the flags. Turns out that most people had been and gone and they were about to pack up as well. So I stripped off and had a quick swim in the calmer but still fairly rough sea. After drying off and taking a few pictures I ordered some food back at the cafe. It was still only 3pm when I finished, so I began wondering if I could ride from the campsite into Narooma and back without having to go on the busy A1, Princes highway. Looking up the cycling site I found the Nar5 trail on, told me that the Nar3 trail took me exactly where I wanted to go and so I returned back to the campsite driving along the very roads that I was going to cycle later. The distance was 13km, which is exactly the same distance I ride to work three or four times a week, but there were some serious hills along the way and road alternated between seal tarmac and hard packed gravel.

Once back at the campsite, I bought some firewood (I’m sat here in front of a nice open fire writing this!) and got ready for my second ride of the day. The ride out was very scenic and I stopped a few times to take picture, which meant that on the way back I had to put my lights on and ride the last few kms in the dark. Dinner was exactly the same as last night, as the steak I bought back in Canberra was massive, only tonight I added onion which I had purchased earlier. Of course I had a few beers to wash it down and as I previously said, I’m sat in front of the fire listening to everybody else around me.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings…


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