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Good Friday, 2014

I’ve been watching the weather forecast all week and by Wednesday it looked as though we were in for a dry weekend, so I made the decision to go for it and plan one last camping trip over the Easter Weekend and before the winter sets in. Last weekend in Canberra was glorious and I used the opportunity to do a couple of hikes, watch some AFL as well as visit a couple of the Galleries in town that I’ve not been too yet. Like I said this weekend is the Easter and getting Friday and Monday off work was too good an opportunity to pass up a trip somewhere for the weekend. James and Grainne had floated the idea of coming with me, but when we couldn’t book into any decent campsites along the NSW south coast, Grainne had strangely gone off the idea! Anyway, one of the people I’d spoken too on the phone during the week suggested a bush campsite in Mystery Bay that she know would not be full owning to the fact that it’s a bit basic, with only pit toilets, cold showers and the like. It was however, right next to a couple of beaches overlooking Montague Island off the coast and by the description she gave me, it sounded idyllic.

So this morning after a lazy cooked breakfast and finishing off my washing, cleaning etc. I set off out of town towards the coast. I did nip round to James and Grainne’s place just to see if they would be joining me for at least part of the weekend and after telling me that they’d found a decent looking site in Eden, we agreed to make contact sometime over the weekend to see if we could meet up. The drive down was uneventful, except for the wankers who like to drive along at 80km in a 100 zones slowing everybody down and nearly causing an accident when they rush to pass them whenever an overtaking lane came along. I didn’t stop at Braidwood bakery on the King’s Highway for a meat pie as is the custom, but instead carried on and bought Fish n Chips at Malua Bay on the NSW South Coast instead in order to keep in my mother’s good books on Good Friday.

I arrived in the Mystery Bay camp grounds around 3pm and after driving in finding a suitable spot to pitch my tent, I was soon set up and ready to explore the surrounding area. As expected the place is a bit rustic with basic toilets and showers (see below!). Also some of the tent pitches are little worse for wear, something you would expect after a long hot summer with loads of people camping on them. However, the great thing about this site though is that it’s right on the beach or I should say beaches, as there’s two to choose from. Once I’d set up camp I took a walk to both of them before the sun went down (something that happens at around 6 O’clock these days). On the way down to the second one I bumped into a man selling firewood (nearly everyone had a campfire going!) and I soon struck up a conversation with him. Turns out he’s the man who runs the place and will coming round to collect the camping fees in the morning and he was soon telling me the best places to go for hiking, riding and eats in these parts. I decided not to buy any wood in order to build a camp fire, something that I’m regretting now as it would give me something to look at in the evening after I’d finished cooking my dinner of steak, mushrooms and green beans on the gas stove I’ve got for these things.

I can see a full moon out in the distance over the sea through the trees and hear the waves crashing onto the beach below while I’m sat he having an after dinner beer or two. There’s loads of music and stuff going on around me, but I think I’ll just sit outside my tent, have a beer and let the world go by.


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