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Saturday, 15 March, 2014

There is a relatively new area within central Canberra which has been built up over recent years to become the ‘Hipster’ part of town. New Action has been built up around a few large residential buildings, some office buildings, a hotel, a cinema complex and a large cultural area which includes a couple of bars, restaurants, cafes and a plaza. In order to promote this ‘Hipster’ aura, the local council have arranged several large scale events throughout the summer to encourage people to come and see what the place has to offer.

ArtNotApart was a one day free Arts Festival based within the confines of New Action and incorporated visual art, film, music, dance, food, sculpture, photography, video, street performance etc.

When I first arrived, the weather didn’t look to good, but there were plenty of people gathered around the green where there was a second hand clothes market going on. I hadn’t come to look at or buy any new threads, so I quickly moved on to the ‘Precinct’, where I could hear some rappers doing their stuff. After watching them for a while, I decided to take a look at some of the art on show in and around the Art Studios, but unfortunately the rain started to fall and I dashed into the nearest building. Just inside was a sign advertising a Live Coding and VJing gig in one of the rooms inside. As it had just started and it was still raining outside, I made my way in to find the placed packed and the artist explaining those assembled what Live Coding and VJing was.

After an excellent hour or so listening to music being created by one guy manipulating computer code (Live Coding) and watching another producing graphics on a large screen to match the beat and rhythm on the music (VJing). I emerged back outside into the sunshine and the remainder of the festival. This mostly involved me sitting in the Pavilion drinking beer and watching poets, dancers and bands on the Central Stage. Some of the stuff was a bit weird, but most of it was pretty good, with the last couple bands, Pop and Slow Turismo, being particularly good.

The main part of the festival ended at 5:30 (although there was a closing party to be held later in the evening), so I made my way over to Lake Burley Griffin where large crowds were assembling for the annual SkyFire fireworks display which was being held within the Central Basin.


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