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Monday, 3 March, 2014

This is why I love Canberra. I’ve been to Vivid in Sydney and White Night in Melbourne, both great outdoor light projection events, but when you’re trying to compete with hundreds of thousands of other people jostling to get the best view or the perfect shot, it can get a bit tiresome. Not here in Canberra, Enlighten has been running for about six years and there’s plenty of time for all Canberrians to see what’s on offer throughout the week long event. For example, tonight it was a balmy evening for us to jump in the car, drive down, park up and take a stroll around the Parliamentary precinct without having to fight through the crowds that were here on the opening weekend.

Obviously at the weekend is when all the extra events tend to happen, but we were just here to view the projections onto the buildings that make up the mainstay of the event. First up was Old Parliament House, which was lit up by six or seven huge projectors that went through several different themes in a ten minute cycle. Next we walked down to the National Portrait Gallery which had an animated projection playing upon it. After that we walked across to the National Gallery (not to be mistaken for the National Portrait Gallery!), Questacon, the National Library before returning to the Old Parliament House via a coffee shop in search for some refreshments (it’s thirsty work taking in all the art and culture!).

We arrived just after the start of the projections at eight and just as we were leaving at ten, all the projectors were switched off plunging the area into darkness. Not a late night, but hey what do you expect, this is Canberra after all and usually everybody is in bed by nine.

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