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Sunday, 2 March, 2014

Up at the crack of dawn, as is the norm these days! only this time Nick and Ange had beaten me to it and were sitting outside on the balcony having a brew when I went upstairs. The weather was looking a lot brighter with blues skies in the distance to the north. We were soon joined by the others and in no time at all breakfast was prepared, consumed and everything squared away. We had the place till late, in fact we could have stayed another night if we wanted too, as the third night was included if you paid for two. so we were in no rush to get out and we decided to hang around until at least four O’Clock in order to get a full days activities in around the beach and Mollymook itself. The clouds had rolled away by now and Nick and Ange disappeared down the garden to explore the cliff tops just below the house. When they came back to report that the access to the rocks below was quite easy, my dad and me also took a look along the flat rocks that linked the beaches at Narrawallee and Mollymook. We also spotted a group teenagers diving off the rocks into the sea, something that looked decidedly dodgy to both of us.

As the day wore on the weather got better and as the sun was out by now, we couldn’t pass up another chance to get into the sea. Mum and dad decided to hang around the house for the afternoon, I didn’t blame them as it looked stunning in the afternoon sun, the girls said that they would walk down to the beach and meet us there after our swim. So it was James, Nick and I who jumped in a car and drove over to the far end of the beach where the Surf Life Savers had set up their flags for the day. After a quick chat with them, we were soon in the water and although the sea was a lot calmer than yesterday, the bodysurfing seemed better as we could judge the waves easier. By the this time the girls had joined us and after having a coffee in the beachside cafe we made our way back to the house to pack up and get ready to go home.

Back at the house, mum and dad told us that they’d tried out all three of the outside patio areas and that they were thinking of putting in an offer for the house. We all speculated how much we would have to fork out and soon came to the conclusion that even if we sold all our houses, we still wouldn’t have enough to buy it. Plan B is to win the lottery! It didn’t take long to pack up all our stuff and load up the cars for the journey home and it was with a heavy heart that we left the Cliff Top house and headed back to Canberra and work in the morning.


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