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Saturday, 1 March, 2014

Jamie Olivier I am not, but I do like to cook up a storm in the kitchen and so this morning after an early start and a lounge around waiting for everybody to get up before I prepared a full English in the fantastically equipped kitchen. We all ate together out on the balcony overlooking the sea below and we had just finished when it started to lightly rain. Fear not, the boys had arranged to take a dip in the sea (Part Two!) only this time we were going body surfing! we spent the rest of the morning watching the wildlife out in the garden, playing snooker, reading books from the larger library of books or just generally lazing around the house.

The weather didn’t look like it was going to improve so we made to decision to head into town and the beach, collect the cars that we left down there overnight, have a swim and then do our own thing until we would meet-up again for dinner tonight. Some of us drove down to the other side of the bay, while others set off to walk the 3 or 4 km along the broad walk by the sea. Those of us who drove down dived into a large beach side cafe for a coffee to warm us up and to wait for the others to arrive. Fortunately by the time they arrived and had a brew, the weather had made a turn for the better and us boys (the women again had made the strategic decision to sit this one out) wondered down to the beach and spent the next hour or so bodysurfing in the waves.

God the surf was rough! I think we all got picked up and dumped on the beach at least once. Great fun though if you caught the right wave and it took you in all the way. I would love to be able to do proper surfer, but body surfing is about my limit at the moment. Once we had returned to the house, showered and sorted ourselves out, mum, dad and me jumped in the car and drove down the coast line towards Batemans Bay. Everybody who lives in Canberra associates the coast with Batemans Bay and it was certainly my first port of call when I first arrived in Australia. Personally, I don’t think much of it these days as there are far better places to go on the NSW coast, but it’s an interesting place all the same and my parents wanted to see it on this trip.

As usual the centre of Batemans was pretty quiet, so after taking a quick look around we drove on along the coast until hit Batehaven where there is an excellent Fish n Chip shop that I’ve been too many a time. Here we ordered three fish and a massive portion of chips which we took a little further down the coast to eat by the sea at Sunshine Bay. On the way back up to Mollymook we dropped into take a look at Pebbly Beach, which a beautiful nature reserve about 10km north of Batemans Bay. The weather wasn’t particularly good when we arrived, but the beach still looked fantastic and there was even a few kangaroos hanging around to greet us.

Back at the house, we caught up on what the others got up too during the day and then got ready for dinner. Grainne & Ange had called into Rick Stein’s, the celebrity chef, place just up the road, Bannisters to see if A: we could get in there for dinner and B: if we could afford it! They had brought back the menu, which is printed for each separate day, and after we had got over the eye watering high prices, we decided to give it a miss. So it was off to the town of Milton, which is about 3 or 4km away to see if we could find a restaurant that could accommodate the seven of us. After a couple of false starts we got a table in an excellent little bistro where we had a great meal along with a few drinks. When we left the restaurant, we found the local pubs had closed for the night (how strange!), so we returned home and cracked open a couple of bottles or wine/beer…


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