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Friday, 28 February, 2014

I’ve been planning this weekend since I found out my parents were coming over to Australia to see me again. I wanted my mum and dad to spend some time with some of the people who have become very good friends of mine during my time in Canberra. Ever since I spent an evening with Glenn, Meryl and their family at their holiday rental during the Christmas/New Year holidays, I thought it would be a great idea to get everybody together for a weekend down on the NSW South Coast.

So after a searching the internet for a suitable place to accommodate us all, I came across this beautiful looking house, high on a cliff top just outside the town of Mollymook, NSW. I wanted one on the beach itself, but whenever I searched the websites for one that ticked all the boxes, I kept coming back to the same place, as I liked the look of it. So today, after an early finish at work, my mum and dad picked me up outside the main doors of the office and we were on our way down the Kings Highway towards Batemans Bay and the NSW South Coast. Of course we stopped off at Braidwood for the obligatory pie at the bakery (it’s the law!) on the way and as soon as we hit the coast, we turned left to head north along the Princes Highway to Ulladulla and Mollymook. As we were the first ones there, we picked up the keys to the house from the Estate agent and then drove through Mollymook, to the cliff top where the house was located.

Wow, what can I say! This place is amazing, the pictures don’t do it justice and it’s filled with the most fantastic facilities. Table placing’s for about twenty people, every kitchen gadget you could think off, high end music system, BBQ etc. As we were first there, we got the pick of the bedrooms. The only ensuite master bedroom was allocated to mother and father, they pretended to object, saying that it wasn’t fair on the others, but as I told them it was ‘first in, best dressed’. I grabbed the bedroom with the two single beds in it, which left two large double bedrooms for James & Grainne and Nick & Angela, which were service by two bathrooms further down the hallway.

Not long after we started to unpack the car, Nick and Ange turned up and once they got over the shock of how great this place is, they were soon settling in themselves. finally, James and Grainne turned up to complete the entourage and once we were all unpacked and sorted we decided to take walk down the hill to Mollymook beach. The weather wasn’t the best, but of course us boys wanted to show off our manliness and go into the sea for a swim. Anyway by the time we arrived at the water’s edge the temp. had dropped dramatically and I’m sure we were all secretly hoping that someone would back out, but no stubbiness had set in and so it was off with the clothes and into the freezing water we all went. The girls of course, being the sensible ones, had long ago decided not to bother and stood on the beach chatting and no doubt laughing at us in the water.

For dinner, we had decided just to drive over to the large golf club clubhouse on the other side of the bay from us, so once we had returned to the house, showered and got ready, we jumped in a couple of cars and made our way over at around 7:30pm. Most clubs, be them RSL’s, sports clubs or golf clubs are always happy to welcome guests, especially if they’re going to spend cash on their premises, so we had no problem getting in and we were soon enjoying a meal in their bistro room. These social clubs usually come in two forms, the first generally cater for the food market and once people have their meal, they’re off. The second kind try a bit harder and usually put on some sort of entertainment to try and keep the punters in a bit longer. This one fell in between the two, as the grill room was packed when we first arrived and not long after a two piece band started off in the main room. However, by the time we had finished our meal, we noticed that most people had gone home, so we just bought a few more rounds of drinks and sat around the dinner table talking.

Again in an attempt to keep people in the club, most clubs will put on a shuttle bus to take people home at the end of the night and so after a long day, we decided to head for the hills and retire for the night. except nobody wanted to go to bed, so when we got in, a few bottles of wine were opened and a few more bottles of beer were drank while we sat round the massive lounge suite talking into the wee small hours…


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