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Saturday, 15 February, 2014

When the parents told me that they would be coming over to see me, I started to think of places to where I could take them. One of the first on the list was the Temora Aviation Museum over at Temora in NSW. I’ve been here twice before, once for the bi-annual Warbirds Air show back in November with Glenn and once, on my own, for one of their monthly Showcases. Luckily for us, they had one of these showcases scheduled for this weekend and at 7:30 this we were on the road for the three hour journey across country to Temora.

Canberra, the ACT, NSW and in fact the whole of the south east of Australia have been bone dry in last few months with temperatures up in the mid-forties for days on end. In fact it’s been in the mid-thirties since they arrived on Wednesday morning, but it looks as though they’ve brought the wet weather that the UK has been enduring for the past few weeks. For as we left the ACT the rain started to pour down and never stopped till we reached the town of Harden, where we stopped for breakfast in the local bakery. After our pit stop, it was another hour and half drive to the town of Temora where we arrived at the Aviation Museum just after 10:30 and into the teeth of another rain storm.

The lady on the reception desk assured us that showcase would be going ahead as planned, as they were expecting breaks in the rain where they could get the planes up in the air for their displays. First up we went into the main hanger to watch a film about aerial displays and when that had finished we wondered outside to see what was going on. Unfortunately it was raining again, so while I went and retrieved the camp chairs and set up camp under the cover of the large overhang from the main hanger roof, mum and dad went back inside to look at some of the warplanes on show inside the hanger.

Then suddenly we were off, the pilot of the Boomerang came out to the plane, jumped in, started her up and was was off down the runway. The noise from the engine warming up brought everybody out to the viewing areas and we were treated to an excellent low level display, during which the plane made several spectacular passes along the runway just in front of us in the stands. All too soon it was over and when the plane came back into the flight line, the pilot was immediately interviewed by the PA announcer who had kept up an entertaining monologue throughout the display.

Unfortunately the rains started up again not long after this and we had to wait for the rainstorm to pass before the Spitfire pilot could do his stuff in the air with the MK8 Spitfire. The PA announcer had warned us that the Lockheed Hudson bomber might not be able to take off in the rain and sure enough as he taxied out to the end of the runway, the heavens open up again and there was a long delay before we saw it thundering down the Tarmac and take off. Wow, what a sight!

After it was all over, the three planes were pushed in the engineering hanger and we all invited to enter in order to chat to the pilots, maintenance crews and take a closer look at the aircraft themselves. During this time the PA announcer interviewed a special guest, Murray Adams, who had flown Spitfires for the Australian Air force during World War II. It was great listening to him recalling various stories about his experiences throughout the war years.

By this time most people had left for home and we took the opportunity to nip back into the main hanger to take one last look around the other aircraft on show, before we too started our journey back to Canberra.


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