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Saturday, 16 November, 2013

Summer is here (well almost!) and everyone is talking about the great outdoors. Patrick’s mother, Marge, has been over from South Africa and apparently she loves camping even more than he does, so this weekend they decided to go camping up in Cotter dam. Nick and I just decided to join them on Saturday, although I wasn’t going to camp as I had already arranged to meet Barry in the club to watch one of the big games in the A league. The main reason I was going, was to test out my new tent that I purchased the other week at the Canberra Home and Leisure show. You may know that I already have a tent, but on my Easter trip down the coast I found the size to be a bit limiting and as this new one is considerably larger, I have a bit more room to move around.

Late this afternoon I drove out of Canberra and into the Brindabella National Park where the Cotter dam camping grounds are located where I found that Patrick, Michelle, Marge and Owen had set up camp complete with a fire in the pit. Not long after I arrived Nick turned up after dropping James and Grainne off at the airport for their trip back to the UK for the holidays. Nick has also bought a new tent and soon we were both attempting to erect our new purchases. Talk about the blind leading the blind, with even Patrick and his mum coming over to help out. Michelle, wise girl that she is, kept well out of the way and with a little help from our friends both tents were up and ready for inspection! Next time, I think I’ll follow the old adage, RTFM.

Meanwhile, Patrick had started to prepare a traditional South African camp meal called a Potjies, which basically is a everything thrown into a large black cooking pot (Potjie) on an open camp fire. This one had lamb shanks along with all manner of veggies in a stock which was left to cook for a couple of hours. This gave us time to search for some wood for the fire, take a walk down the river and generally enjoy the excellent weather that had graced the day.

After dinner and a couple beers, I packed my tent away, this time on my own, as I would have to do it by myself whenever I go camping and left the happy campers to it while I drove back into Canberra and an evening watching footy!


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