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Saturday, 9th November, 2013

Now then, I’m a sucker for punishment and the last time I went to the Woden Festival it was certainly a painful experience. That was two years ago and I think I refused to go to last years after my experience at the festival the year before.

Nick had expressed an interest in going this year and after initially trying talking him out of it, I agreed to meet him there at around midday. Unfortunately, I was running late this morning and by the time I had arrived, nick had already seen the error of his ways and left the festival after an hour or vowing never to return again!

To be honest, I was in the same mind set as I toured the usual stalls containing community groups for everything from the Woden Choir to the local scout/guide groups. On the main stage was the local youth bass band and I was just about to walk out, when the compare announced that the ‘Sixty Acts in Sixty Minutes’ was about to begin. What could this be I wondered? So I decided to stick around for the first minutes to see what was going on.

I was glad that I stayed, as it turns out that some local youths had teamed up with some professional circus acts to hone their skills in all sorts of circus acts such as juggling and acrobatics. As the theme suggest, each act had to perform for one minute before they were moved on and the next act came on stage. They varied in age from 5 to 60 and some were better than others, but they all tried their best which was appreciated by the crowd who seemed enthralled by the whole thing. I stayed for the whole hour and all the performers got a standing ovation when they took their bow at the end of the show.

Will I go back next year? Watch this space…


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