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Sunday, 3rd November, 2013

You may remember that one of the guys at work, John, is the proud joint owner of a Winery just outside Canberra, Little Bridge Wines. A few weeks ago he handed me a leaflet advertising a jazz & wine festival in which his vineyard was taking place. Seeing that missed out on touring the regions wineries last time they had one of these, due to my little accident on the mountain bike, I couldn’t resist.

This morning I had kind of made out a route to a couple of wineries in the Murrumbateman area that also had music laid on, then a trip to a chocolate makers that I had spotted of the leaflet, before finally dropping into John’s place on the way back into Canberra. Started off well by setting off at 10:30 for the drive up to Murrumbateman, but then decided it was too early to do any wine tasting at that sort of time, so diverted to the Robyn Rowe Chocolate Factory for a look around, a coffee and of course a few of their excellent chocolates (not cheap mind!).

Then it was off to the first of the wineries on my list. Yarrh Winery was possibly the most distant winery on the leaflet but it has a reputation for having some excellent wines as well as being in a beautiful location, which appealed the photographer in me as I had my camera with me. By the time I arrived it was getting on for lunch and most people who were already seemed to be taking lunch off their set menu whilst enjoying a glass of their wine. Not wanting to be the odd one out, I joined them and whilst we were eating the jazz band arrived and struck up a tune or two.

Unfortunately, time was not on my side and so I had to leave the band playing and set off directly to Little Bridge winery, forsaking any of the other places I wanted to visit today. Luckily, the band were still playing at the Cellar Door and after tasting a couple of their latest wines, I decided to purchase a few bottles of their 2010 Pinot Noir which John said would be even better if they were ‘laid out’ for a year before opening! I took a glass of their fantatic 2008 Shiraz (several bottle of which I’ve got at home) before going outside to watch the band.

All to soon, it was time to head off home, which was a good job as I could have stayed a lot longer listening to the band and drinking wine, which would have been a good idea.

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