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Saturday, 19 October, 2013

I don’t get too much junk mail in my mail box, but I do get the odd flyer promoting various events around the local area. Normally I put them straight into the recycling bin, but the one I got on Thursday caught my eye.

It was advertising a free ‘come and try lawn bowling’ event at my local bowling club this afternoon. I don’t know why, but I thought that I would give it a go, but you know me I didn’t want to go on my own, so I tried to recruit some others to come along with me. I tried Barry, James and Grainne without success, but I got some interest from a few of the gang at work who said they might come along, if they weren’t too busy!

Anyway, today only Verity and her French boyfriend John, turned up at the allotted time at the West Deakin Hellenic Bowling Club, where we enjoyed a free sausage sizzle and a couple of drinks before Keith, our ‘instructor’, introduced himself and lead us out to the ‘Lawn green’ where we would be bowling. There were a few other groups being shown the ropes and Keith was soon telling us the basic rules of Lawn Bowling and showing us how to use the ‘bias’ of the bowl to curve the shot towards the ‘jack’ at the other side of the green. In our few ‘ends’ of practice, we all had varying degrees of success at this with Verity being the first to kind of master the technique, although she invariably sent the bowl into the ditch behind the Jack, which is out of bounds. Next was me, but my shots were miles away from the target Jack. John, on the other hand was useless! And he struggled to get the bowl to curl in the direction he wanted it to go. Verity and I were having a good laugh at his expense, especially when he wanted to throw the bowl French boule style, but then all of a sudden, after some expert tuition from Keith, something clicked and he was firing the bowls into towards the Jack.

Keith had to dash over to the other ‘green’ in order to take part in a competition match, but he told us to play on and have a match were the winner would be the first player to reach 9. I started off like a house on fire and on the first ‘end’, I picked up 2 points, easy I thought! But then John started to pick up points at each ‘end’ and he was soon racing away with the game. The sun was really beating down on us at this stage and we glad of the sunshades erected around the green and also for the water coolers located within them.

Anyway, as you can see below, John romped over the finishing line, with Verity and I a distant second and third. Beginners luck he said, yeah right!


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