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Sunday, 13 October, 2013

I ride my Mountain Bike (MBT) nearly every day, either for going too and from work or the weekend social ride around Lake Burley Griffin with Glenn, James or whoever? However, even though I’ve ridden it over some fairly rough terrain, I could never claim to a proficient MBT rider. Certainly not one who could ride over a 16km course with tricky uphill runs or fast downhill sections and the odd jump thrown in for good measure. Add to this, the fact that you go round and round this course as many times as possible in an 24 hour period and you get to understand what makes up the Scott 24 MTB which was run last week or the World Endurance Mountain Bike Organisation (WEMBO) 24 Solo championship that was run over this weekend at the excellent Mt. Stromlo Forest Park.

I was going to take a look round anyway, but when I found out that one of the ladies at work was taking part, I decided to take the camera and take some pictures as well. The whole thing started at 13:00 yesterday and I drove up in the evening to see if I could see Erin and her partner in the fading light before returning this morning to catch the closing couple of hours. I spotted Erin’s name on the large scoreboard, which had been setup for the event and it looked as though she was doing well. I even spotted her at the start/finish area, but I couldn’t get a decent picture, as it was too dark and all of the riders were travelling too fast for the camera setup that I had with me.

When I returned this morning I couldn’t see her name on the leader board, so I assumed that she had dropped out of the event for some reason. Anyway, I took up position near a couple of the big jumps on the downhill section of the course in order to grab some shots of the riders in mid-air. The WEMBO 24 hour is a mixed sex/ability event, so some of the competitors were more confident at taking the jumps than others. However, I did manage to get some decent shots and although I didn’t get one of her, I spotted Erin back on the course towards the end of the race.

As the competitors were completing their closing lap after the final hooter had sounded, I caught up with Erin and her partner as she crossed the line for the last time. She told me that just after I had seen her last night, she had stopped for a meal break and just after that, she developed stomach cramps and had to go miss out the whole of the overnight section. She was a bit disappointed that she had not completed the full 24 hours, but was glad that she could get back on the bike and finish of the race.

I told her that I would not have completed a single lap in the whole of the 24 hours!


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