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Saturday, 12 October, 2013

At the start of the year, I went on a hike up in the Snowy Mountains organised by one of the ex-pats that I work with. Phil, has been arranging these hikes to various places, usually within two or three hours’ drive of Canberra, for years. The Main Range hike was a 22km loop around the highest point in Australia (not that impressive when you consider it’s only 2,228 metres (7,310 ft) high). There have been several other hikes arranged this year, but I’ve missed them due to one reason or another.

Today, Phil had arranged Big Hike 20 (the 20th hike) to the Gerringong Falls in the Budderoo National Park about two and half hours’ drive from Canberra. We were told to meet at 7:30am in the bakery just off the Hume Highway at Goulburn, so it was a very early start when James, his son Aaron and Patrick picked me up for the one hour drive up to Goulburn. After meeting Phil and Brain in the car park of the bakery, we popped in to grab a coffee and some breakfast before continuing on our way to the start point of the hike just through the town of Robertson. Phil brought us to a halt in a small car park a couple of miles up a track off the main road road where we piled out of the cars and started to get ready for the hike.

The first 5km or so was along a fire trail through the lowlands and we made good time until we reached our first turn off. At this point we struggled to find the path that the guide book told us was just off the right of the path. When we eventually find it we found that it was completely overgrown as it looked as though nobody had used it in ages. This theme continued all around the path through the bush with Phil cursing the conditions at the front. We lost our way a couple of times, but finally we arrived at a series of flat rocks which lead up to the river we were looking for.

Just along the river bank we stopped at a swimming hole which was just behind the main Gerringong Falls. This was where we were going to take lunch, but first we walked up and around the lip of the falls to take some pictures. When we had finished lunch, it was time to strip and take the plunge into the cool waters of the swimming hole. Thankfully there are no pictures of us in our swimming gear as this is a family friendly blog, but I can tell you now, it was NOT a pretty sight.

After lunch it was a short walk up to find the Fire trail we left earlier and then a long slog back along it to the cars and the drive home, which saw us stop in the town of Robertson where they are famous for their potatoes!

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