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Sunday, 29th September, 2013

Today was the main event, Floriade!

However, I was up early to take a quick walk up and down Red Hill and was back in time to help Lawrence prepare breakfast. The weather was a lot better than yesterday with no wind to speak off and after rolling up at the Floriade gates in the early afternoon, we were soon exploring the tented village at the front of the show grounds. We managed to avoid purchasing anything from the myriad of stalls offering everything from herbal tea to foot massaging machines, knife sharpeners to tree loppers. As it was the Public Holiday weekend, the crowds were larger than usual and this coupled with the warm weather we got, made our progress through the various displays very slow, although we made the most of it by taking frequent breaks for coffee, ice cream and the like.

At the back of the event, they usually set up a community area where this year’s theme was gnomes. It looked as though every school in the ACT had been given a number of large gnomes to paint in any colour and style they wished. These had then been set out in a large display over an area that they had named ‘Gnome Knoll’. Of course, there were gnomes available to purchase, which could then be painted on site and then either taken home or placed in amongst the display. The knoll was full of kids (young and old) busily perfecting their own masterpiece.


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