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Saturday, 14 September, 2013

I went into Canberra today to do some shopping. When I came out of one of the shops to go into the Canberra Centre, I heard some music coming from across the square and I decided to go and investigate. When I got to the middle of the square I saw a rock band playing on the bandstand surrounded by a large group of people watching. The band was made up of six young lads who couldn’t have been more than sixteen or seventeen, but really looked as though they knew what they were doing and by the sounds of things, were playing their own material. The lead singer, who also played guitar, had a great voice, the young lad who played bass guitar was having a great time doing his Keith Richards impersonation and romping about off and on the stage. There were a couple of lads playing trumpets and a very good lead guitarist, who looked very serious all of the time.

I slightly put my foot in it, when I mentioned to a lady stood next to me, that the stage was not big enough for the bass guitarist. “I know” she said “he does it all the time and that’s my son!”, we had a good laugh about it and I asked her what the band was called, “Novia Scotia” she replied. Apparently they all go to school together and have been gigging for a couple of years now, playing in and around Canberra. As you can see below, I took a few pictures and discovered that they have a Facebook page, which I posted a comment plus picture on tonight,

I think they’ll go far and look forward to checking out a gig or two of theirs in the future.

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