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Sunday, 8 September, 2013

This morning I was supposed to get up early and watch the start of the annual Canberra Fun Run which started at 8:00am for the 14km or 8:30 for the 10Km runs. Unfortunately, I had one too many beers last night after going to see Stomp down at the Canberra Theatre with Nick and then moving onto the Phoenix for a ‘couple’ of pints Guinness. So it was at 8:15 when I woke up with a start and I spent the next 15 minutes racing round the apartment trying to get ready. When I eventually got my stuff together, I decided to jump on the bike and ride down to a point where I could intercept the runners along Adelaide Avenue. By the time I got there, I had only managed to pick up the back end of the pack heading into town, but I still jumped off the bike and took some great photographs. At this point I took a shortcut through the parliamentary triangle and caught up with the head of the race where there was a greater number of runners heading over the Kings Road Bridge and from this point it, was only a short distance along the lake shore to the finishing line. Just before the finish line, the three races came together (a shouter 5km run had come from around the lake) and it was here where I could watch the most of the competitors finishing the run. Once the majority of the competitors had finished, I moved up to the staging area where I could take pictures of the runners getting their end of race drinks and preparing to move off home.


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