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Friday, 23 August, 2013

Woke to the sound of heavy rain, managed to lie in till gone eight, but finally got up and left the other two sleeping in bed while I went to the café to check out the weather on the Internet. Forecast was for rain until midday, then brightening up in the afternoon. I spoke to one of the staff (French I think) who told us about a couple of beaches and places to visit today. So after breakfast we packed the car and set off in search of Coconut Beach. Her directions weren’t the best (could have been the heavy French accent I couldn’t understand!) and we must have also missed the turning spot for the and also the entrance in Noah’s Creek for the swimming Hole she told me about, so ended up at another beach called Thornton Beach, which was bathed in sunshine when we arrived.

From this beach we could see a small island just off the coast that Ciara and I planned to swim too at low tide in the late afternoon. I say ‘planned’, because as we were chatting to the resort owner over breakfast this morning, we mentioned this to him and he said that it was a good idea, but ‘just watch out for the crocs!’. As you can tell this went down like a lead balloon with Ciara (I wasn’t too happy about it either, to be honest!), so we took a walk along the beach to find a good spot to base ourselves as the sun was trying to make an appearance. I wanted to take a trip to the Daintree Discovery Centre back in Cow Bay, but Gail and Ciara weren’t so keen, so we agreed that they would stay on the beach and I would drive on to the centre and take a look around on my own.

At the centre I paid my money and entered what is considered the best tourist attraction in the Cape Tribulation area. I could see why, as I was bombarded with a massive amount of information on the plants and wildlife within the Rainforest via a host of different media, including an excellent audio device which was programmed to inform the user what they were looking at. Mind you, there was a fair bit of walking to be done along the boardwalks and up the 30 metre high Canopy Tower which as the name suggest, gave spectacular views up through and final over the top of the rainforest canopy.

I returned to the girls at our agreed time to discover that not ten minutes after I left it had started to rain, but they had found shelter in the nearby beachside café until the rain had passed. By this time the low tide had arrived, but neither Ciara nor I fancied taking a dip into the sea to swim across to the island (I swear I could see the eyes of a few crocs lying in wait just off the coast!).

On the way back to Ferntree Lodge, we stopped at Mason’s Café for a quick drink and also to take a look at their swimming hole which was located a short walk from the café/bar/takeaway/shop/bottleshop/post office/tourist information centre. There was a short walk through some fairly thick rainforest and a scramble down the riverbank to get to the swimming hole itself, but when we got there, we discovered a rope swing set up over the water. Fuelled by our previous experience with the swing on the beach the other day, I was keen to show off my swinging ability to the full. However, after taking a swing out I failed to regain my footing on the bank and was propelled out over the water again, much to the amusement of the other two. We would have had a great video of this but Ciara nearly wet herself laughing at me and missed the shot. As you can probably guess, no one else wanted to have a go after that.

For dinner, we had already decided to travel just up the road to Whet bar & restaurant and on the way back to the apartment we called in to book a table. If you didn’t know it was there, you could easily miss it, as it’s sat back in amongst the trees of the rainforest. After we had showered and changed, we returned to the restaurant in the dark and by this time it had also started to rain. It was a good job I brought along a torch and we had some fun negotiating the path down to the front door, which was littered with frogs and toads hopping about in the rain. We sat out on the landing under a massive canopy and had an excellent meal, but the bar was full of locals who were a bit too loud for us, so we returned to PK’s for a couple of drinks before going to bed.

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