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Thursday, 22 August, 2013

The apartment we’ve got has two bedrooms, a large one downstairs with a massive king-sized bed and a ‘loft’ one up some steep wooden stairs which has two single beds. The other two were too chicken to sleep up there (maybe down to the fact that Gail spotted a creepy-crawly up there last night), so that’s where I ended up. It did have its advantages, as there were no curtains up there, so I woke early this morning to the sights and sounds of the forest. Included in the price for the accommodation was a continental breakfast in the café we ate in last night and we were happy to discover that there was a great selection items to satisfy all three of us.

After breakfast we took a quick walk down through the bottom half of the resort, across the road and along a boardwalk which seemed to span a dried up swamp on to Myall Beach. Someone told us that should take 7 minutes to make the journey and I couldn’t argue with that. I expected to see and a beautiful beach and I wasn’t disappointed as it was spectacular and very nearly deserted when we got there. We decided to turn left and walk towards the northern, when we got there, we spotted a sign for PK’s Jungle Resort so being the adventurous type we decided to follow that. PK’s is a famous backpacker’s haunt, with accommodation to suit all kinds on budget at the back and a massive bar/pool complex at the front. After returning to our cabin we the packed the car ready for a day out.

Our first stop was to drive down the end of the sealed road onto Cape Tribulation beach where we found a nice sheltered spot to enjoy the sun. I sat just inside the tree line in order to escape the sun, but as I was reading my book I was disturbed by large turkey type bird looking for food who wouldn’t go away even after some gently persuasion from me. After an hour or so the sun disappeared behind some clouds that had appeared out of nowhere, so we decided to move on down the coast to see if we could find it again. We ended up at Cow Bay, which turned out to be another great beach but unfortunately had no sun. As we walked along the beach, we spotted a rope swing hanging from a large palm tree on the edge of the beach. Gail was the first to give it a try and soon we were all having a go, some better than others! On the way back we stopped at a roadside ice cream factory to check today’s favours. Apparently they grow all their own fruit that is used in the manufacture of the ice cream made on site, very nice. I took the self-guided tour of the fruit trees in the gardens and took pictures of many of them.

The evening was spent at PK’s, which wasn’t as full as I expected, but the steak that Gail and I had was excellent (as it always is in Australia!) with Ciara going for the Pizza. We purchased a couple of hour’s worth of Wi-Fi coverage for Ciara’s iPhone, which she spent catching up on news and info from iMessage, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp etc. It’s amazing that a few days without internet access does to you. In the meantime, we were entertained by an excellent local artist who sang a lot of covers of whilst playing the guitar. Unfortunately, at ten O’clock we had to leave the pub as the local licensing laws prevented Ciara from staying, so we returned to the cabin for a beer or two before retiring to bed.


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