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Wednesday, 21 August, 2013

I woke up well before the alarm clock which was set for 7am, I think I’ve had enough sleep on this holiday! As the other two were still asleep, I nipped out to the front of the holiday to take some pictures of the road and beach area with nobody about. On the way back in the receptionist told me that the free wifi was finally back on (a bit late!), so I took the access code.

We were packed and ready to go by 10am and after checking out we left the car in the car park and took a walk down to Pete’s Place, which is a local store, cum take-a-way cum cafe on the beach. Here you can make up your own breakfast from the large selection of items on the menu or be just like me and order the Big Breakfast which seemed to have everything in it. It was a popular place with the local Tradies, who seemed to know the place well. After breakfast we walked along the beach to the far end of the resort where a load of people were fishing from the jetty. Just as we arrived on the jetty, one of the fishermen started to reel in a massive fish (A Spanish Mackerel I think!) which he eventually bought in and after a bit of a fight from the fish. None of the others seemed to be catching anything, so we strolled back to the car and drove to the Skyrail terminal just outside Cairns where we caught the cable car up the side of the mountain towards the village of Kuranda.

The last leg took us over the river Barron and into the village where we saw the last train of the day heading back down the mountain towards Cairns. We walked into the village to have a look around we’re we found loads of shops for the tourist but we didn’t have time to do them justice or visit the Koala gardens or the bird sanctuary. The last cable car down the mountain was scheduled for 15:30 and we were told that the queue would be very long, so we headed back to the Skyrail station. As it was the queue was very long we had to share a car with a couple of kiwis who just happened to share our love of the Aussie getting beat at all things sport (The previous night the All Blacks had annihilated the Aussies in the RU test!).

After collecting the car, we headed off to the petrol station to fill up and then on to Coles to buy some provisions, as we had heard that things were a lot more expensive in Cape Tribulation, before setting off up the road to the next part of our holiday. The road to CT took us back up past Port Douglas, on through Mossman, past miles and miles of Sugar Cane fields to the river crossing at the Daintree Gateway. This is the quickest way to get to CT, but it costs $23 (Return) to broad a cable drawn barge that floats across the river Daintree. I want to get out of the car to take some pictures, but unfortunately I was prevented from doing this, much to the amassment of Gail and Ciara (Pissed off about that!)

As soon as we got off the barge, it was like driving in a completely different world, as the narrow road twisted and turned through the rainforest for what seemed like ages until we arrived at the Frentree Rainforest Lodge at 6:45pm. We checked in and found our Garden Lodge apartment in the ground after taking a few wrong turns in the dark. We decided to dump the bags and headed straight to the on-site Cassowary Cafe for dinner. Ciara claimed that she was not hungry, so Gail and I had an excellent meal, washed down with a couple of beers. During dinner we spoke to one of the waitresses (from Bristol, I think) who gave us the heads up on what’s going on in the CT area. We grabbed the rest of the bags from the car, after a few missed turns again, unpacked, showered and headed to bed.


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