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Monday, 19 August, 2013

We started the day by having a lie-in a listening to music on the iPod. On the way up to Palm Cove we spotted a Coles supermarket and so after I got up and dressed, I took a drive back to it in order to buy some fruit, drinks and a few snacks.

We had breakfast at Cockey’s cafe (named after a bird I think!) and as we were sitting there, we had a chat about what we were going to do for the rest of the day. Ciara had spotted a water sports place a little further down the beach where they had sailboats, paddle boats and paddle boards. So we decided to have an hour or so on a paddle board, then drive up the coast to take a look at Port Douglas and and a couple of the companies that take people to out to the Barrier Reef.

Today, turned out to be a scorcher, so before we hit the beach Gail and Ciara went up on the roof of the hotel to check out the pool that was located up there. By the time I got up there Gail and Ciara were melting in the heat and so after taking a few pictures, we headed for the beach to cool down. After an hour or so sunbathing (sun baking as the they call it down here!), we went off to check out the paddle boards.

To say Ciara is a natural on the paddle board would be an understatement, it only took her a couple of minutes of instruction before she was off on her own, as the pictures below show. On the other hand, I was useless and was left floundering in the water as Ciara paddled serenely around me laughing at my attempts to get on the board. In the end I was reduced to kneeing on the board and paddling through the water like that. They say that paddle boarding is great exercise and I for one certainly felt that done a decent workout after we had finished.

Late in the afternoon, we returned to the room to get changed and then drove the 45 minutes or so up to Port Douglas, which they say is the gateway to the Barrier Reef. The road along the coast is an interesting one as it quite literally follows the coast line with the sea lapping at the side of the road on one side and the rainforest tumbling down from the hills on the other. Part way along we were surprised to find the side of the road on fire and it seemed that around each corner the fire was getting worst. We were getting a little worried before came out the other side of the fire and drove into Port Douglas. As we arrived after five o’clock, most of the shops on the high street we’re closed, so we headed to the marina where the Barrier Reef charters were based and had a look round. It was a good job we checked the place out as I when I went into the office to enquire about booking for a trip out to the reef tomorrow, I was told that the trip was nearly full. Anyway, the long and short of it is that we’re booked onto the Quick Silver tour to a pontoon out on the outer reef at 10:00am.

After having a round of drinks (Ciara’s mock cocktail cost more than both our drinks together!) at what looked like the only open bar in the town, we drove back along the coast road past Palm Cove and into Yorkies Knob for dinner at the Boat Club there.

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