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Sunday, 18 August, 2013

Both Gail and I woke up early, maybe something to do with the early night we had last night! And as Ciara was still fast asleep, I took the chance to go for a quick dip in the sea, which is literally a hundred meters from our room. As I was drying off I noticed that the local Surf Life Saving Club (SLSC) had started to set up for a day’s activities for it’s members. After finally digging Ciara out of bed we dropped into the on site cafe, The Rising Sun, for breakfast overlooking the beach. As it was a Sunday and it was likely that something going on in town, we decided to take a drive down into Cairns and take a look around.

Before we set off, we took to the beach for a while and I wondered off to watch some of the activities the SLSC had set up earlier. Turns out their were things going on for all age groups from what looked like under fives right up to the more mature members of the club. In order to make a full day of our trip, we packed a change of clothes into the car, so that we stay around after dark to eat an evening meal and take a stroll around.

On entering the top end of Cairns itself, we noticed an increase in traffic and decided to ditch the car at the north end of the Esplanade and walk along that into town. During my research into where to stay while we were up this way, someone had warned me not to stay in Cairns itself if we wanted a beach type holiday. On starting our walk, I understood why I had been told this as we could see that the sea had retreated out into the estuary leaving a huge expanse of mud flats. Along the boardwalk the local council had installed a number of outdoor gyms which we took the opportunity to have a go at. Had a good laugh at Ciara trying to do pull-ups and bench presses and at her attempts at showing off the muscles in her arms. Mind you, both Ciara and Gail split themselves at my attempts at sit ups. Further on we came across the massive Cairns Esplanade Lagoon, which had been built on the shore front so that the local and visitors could have the ‘beach front’ experience. We continued on around the marina and into the docks area where we found a large US Naval ship had tied up in the cruise ship terminal. I tried to get some decent shots of the ship but security was tight and I couldn’t get near enough to get a decent picture.

We had lunch and few drinks in a bar on the harbour side, before going back for a swim and sunbathe at the lagoon. During this time we were entertained by a local band who proceeded to reel off the entire back catalog of Bob Marley songs. I was surprised that Ciara knew quite a few of them and we all lay there singing along to I shot the Sheriff, Jamming, No woman No cry. As the sun stared to set, we started to walk back towards the car so that we could change for the evening. Along the way a couple of street entertainers had setup shop we took time out to watch one who was trying do a Harry Houdini trick, great stuff!

After picking up the car and driving back into town, we were able to park up right next to the entrance to the lagoon and walk over to the changing rooms to change into our spare clothes. Tonight was a beautiful evening and we took our time walking around the various eateries before deciding to have dinner in a place called Outback Jacks. After feeding our faces, we took the short walk over to the Cairns Night Market to have a look at what was going on. Inside we found loads of stalls selling a vast array of stuff including clothes, jewellery, souvenirs etc. at the back of the market there were a few Chinese massage booths where Gail and I were persuaded to have a $15 neck and back massage. $15 for a 25 minute massage, bargain! Ciara must have known what was coming, as she did a runner while we were laid out on the massage tables. Sure enough, near the end the masseur told me that I had a lot of tension in my back and he could apply a few heated sticky pads to the problem areas that would release essential oils over a eight hour period. Only $5 each and I would need 3, mmmmm $30 for a massage is still a good deal, so I agreed. Next thing I knew I had 8 of these things on my back and I was $55 the poorer, MUG.

Gail and Ciara had a good laugh at this and I was ribbed continually on the way back to the hotel.


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