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Sunday, 11 August, 2013

After a few days recovering from their long flights, Gail and Ciara were ready for some action. So this morning we took ourselves down the Kings Highway to Batemans Bay. I was hoping to get an early start, but those of you who know Ciara know that she’s not an early riser and so we had to make do with an 11 o’clock start. We missed out on our usual stop at Braidwood Bakery for a pie in order to make up some time and by 12:30 we were rolling into the Bay area.

As we were only going to be around for a few hours, we decided against seeking out a new beach to visit and went straight down to Surf Beach where we’ve been too a couple of times before. As we unpacked the car the sun was up and the temperature was a pleasant 20C, however, there was a bit of a breeze blowing down the beach and we were soon wishing that we had some sort of wind-break with us. Ciara and I took our swimming gear with us but after dipping our toes into the water we decided against going for a swim! Instead we took a walk along the beach and played a couple of games with a ball that we brought along with us. As the sun started to set behind the headland, we drove along the coast to Batehaven, where we bought fish n chips and ate them whilst sitting on the beach watching the seagulls fight over the scraps.

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