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Sunday, 4th August, 2013

I joined the Canberra Off Road Cyclist (CORC) Facebook page the other week and as part of the deal I get regular notifications of upcoming events that they run in the ACT area. Earlier this week I received a message that they were planning a Cross Country MTB meeting up on one of the trails at Mt. Stromlo , so I arranged to meet Glenn up there this morning, firstly to take a ride out on the MTB and secondly to take some pictures of the competitors with my newly acquired Nikon D90 DSLR.

The plan was for me to get up there early doors in order to take my pictures and then meet Glenn at around 09:00 for a ride round one of the trails or a take a road trip around the hills. Unfortunately, I over slept and the next thing I knew was Glenn ringing me at 8:30 to make sure that I was up on the hill! After a mad dash to get out there and meet up with him, we decided just to ride up to the start line of the race to see what was going on and then take it from there.

For some reason the CORC boys had decided to stage their race at the highest point of the Mt. Stromlo complex, so we had to ride up the fire trail from the car park to get here. Once we were at the top Glenn went off to explore he trails up there and I took myself off to find a good spot to take some pictures. As I rode along the trail I could see the competitors racing in amongst the trees and I caught sight of a couple of flashes coming from that direction, so I dismounted my bike and walked over to where they coming from. Here I meet the semi-official CORC photographer, David Blucher who very kindly showed me how to setup my camera (only after slagging me off for going for a Nikon instead of a Canon!) to take pictures of fast moving cyclist in varying light conditions. Of course he made it look easy and the five shots you see below are the best ones of the fifty or so pictures I took before the racing finished.

After exchanging contact details with David, I returned down the hill to find Glenn in the car park. As Glenn was meeting Meryl and Glenn J for lunch in the city later in the day and I was meeting Barry for a test ride from Woden down to our new offices in Tuggeranong, we decided to grab a coffee in Civic before we went on our separate ways.

After coffee in the new cafe in Braddon, I drove home to drop the car off and set off on the bike to meet Barry at our pre-arranged meeting place at 14:00. Barry had ridden the route down to Tuggeranong many times before, it was very easy to find our way to the entrance of the triple C building that our department is moving too in the near future. Took it real easy on the way down, I say down, as it is quite literally is downhill all the way. We grabbed some coffee in he centre of town and then rode back up to Woden, detouring to try a couple different routes back to Barry’s place. By the time I got home, I really felt like I’d been on a good workout and was glad to jump in the shower and take it easy for the remainder of the day.

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