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Saturday, 03 August, 2013

I’ve been meaning to go to one of these for ages. Selling houses in Australia is completely different from the way it’s done back home, with the majority of houses being sold at auction or in a closed bid system. The papers are full of open house inspections, which are held prior to the actual auction and couple of them popped up the other day in the suburb I live. The first one was actually for a town house in the complex where I live, so it was a short walk down to the auction at ten o’clock on the day. As you can see the property was beautifully presented and around thirty people squeezed into the lounge room for the start of the bidding. On my way in I told Nicky, the sales person from the estate agent, that I was just being nosy. Don’t worry she said, the majority of people who go to auctions are just that, nosy. Usually friends, neighbours and people who have just bought in the area, making sure that they’ve not been ripped off! She also told me that there was only one registered bidder, but he was aboard at the moment and probably would not be able table to bid as they couldn’t get hold of him. Sure enough, once the auctioneer had done all the legal stuff and invited the bidding to start, nobody actually offered a bid and after a few minutes of awkward silence the auctions was called off and we all left. I asked Nicky on the way out what would happen now and she said that they would contact the registered bidders (only one of them, remember) and offer to enter into negotiation between them and the seller.

Sure enough, when I returned home later in the day, a big “Sold by Nicky” sticker had appeared over the top of the for auction sign outside our apartment block.

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