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Saturday, 06 July, 2013

Surely one of the best feelings in life is watching an Australian sports fan suffer!

Tonight was one of those occasions, as I watched the British & Irish Lions hammer the Wallabies in the third and final test match of the 2013 tour. The first two games were incredibly tight with the odd point deciding the winner in both. So as we approached tonight’s game it was one each in the series with all to play for to claim the spoils of war.

In typical Aussie fashion the media, pundits and anyone else who could throw their two pennies worth it were predicting a home win. Why, they argued, would you drop your most talismanic player, Brain O’Driscoll, for no reason (never mind the fact that he’s not played that well in the first two tests). Look, they pointed out, your captain (Sam Warburton) and your best forward (lock Paul O’Connell), are out injured. How can you possibly compete blah, blah, blah.

Anyway, I arrived in the SCC about half an hour before the kick-off to find the place packed to the rafters with Australian fan waiting in egger anticipation for the start of the match. I gave the only other Lions fan in the room (conspicuous in his replica Lions Shirt, brave man!) a knowing smile and found myself a seat near the front. I had arranged to meet James and Grannie in the club and they arrived just in time to watch the teams run out onto the pitch. The Lions had the kick off and as the ball dropped deep into the Wallabies territory, a couple of their backs had an ‘after you Claude’ moment resulting in the ball being knocked on a few metres out from the try line. One mighty heave in the scrum and a couple phases of play and suddenly the Lions were crashing over for a try and conversion, all within two minutes of the start. The Aussies were obviously a bit taken aback with this (both on the pitch and in the bar) and they were further rocked when a couple of the their star players were taken out of the game due to injury (one knocked out by a huge hit in the centre of the pitch and the other trying to run down a high kick from the Lions). The Lions kicker, Leigh Halfpenny, kept the pressure on, and the scoreboard ticking over, by slotting over a succession of penalties awarded after the Australians tried all sorts of shenanigans in trying to stop the red tide. However, at 19 – 3 up, the Lions gave away soft try to give the home fans grounds for optimism for the second half.

Fear not, at the start of the second half, the Lions ran in another try which seemed to knock the stuffing out of the Wallabies and not long after this another two converted tries were scored. James, Grannie and I were starting to have some fun now at the expense of those around us, including Glenn (my cycling buddy) who had joined us to watch the game. Well before the end of the game, the Aussies, both on the pitch and those around us in the bar, had lost interest and as soon as the final whistle blew, the majority of those around headed for the exit. Not surprisingly we hang around to enjoy the spoils of war, listen to the post match interviews and take the piss out of Glenn.

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