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Sunday, 9th June, 2013

Dog Walking

Whenever I’m down at Barbara and Lawrence’s, I like to take their two boxers, Lucky and Roxy, out for a walk. Lauren and/or Zoe usually take them out whenever they’re at their parent’s house, but as they are so energetic, I like to take them out for a decent walk around the local suburb. Today by way of a change I took them down to the East Hills park on the Georges River in the car and then walked them along the river bank for a few miles before returning in time to get ready for our train trip into town and the Vivid Festival.

Vivid 2013

Last year’s Sydney Vivid Festival was a bit of a wash out for us, when we got caught in a torrential downpour between Circular Quays and the Rock (Ciara will remember it, as she laughed her head off at the soaking Gail got!). As it’s spread over three weekends, I’ve been watching the weather forecast in order to select the best weekend to come up to Sydney to view. Unfortunately, the past two weekends have been a bit wet and this being the last one it’s on I’ve had no choice other than to come up or miss it. As it was, Barry was in town last weekend (he got wet!) and spotted a great way to experience the light festival in comfort and without getting wet. The Sydney Showboat company were promoting a 3 hour cruise around the various Vivid sites on the harbour shore along with a three course dinner and a drinks package thrown in, all for $69. I ran this past Barbara and Lawrence earlier in the week and tonight we found ourselves queuing up alongside pier 5 on the King Street Wharf in Darling harbour waiting to board the Sydney Show Boat for our trip.

Now, a 3 hour cruise around Sydney Harbour, 3 course dinner and all you can drink for $69, what’s the catch? I hear you ask. Our thoughts exactly! So there we where plotting on our strategy to getting on board as quickly as possible to bag a decent table near the floor to ceiling windows and wondering what sort of food we were going to have to endure, all the time washing it with some cheap low alcohol beer that we’d never heard off. Well, how wrong we were.

As we walked up the gang-plank, we were greeted by a receptionist who introduced us to our waitress, who in turn showed us to our table which was located at the back (Stern) of the boat overlooking the authentic looking paddle wheel through the large window. The table was beautifully laid out for the meal with fresh linen tablecloth and napkins topped off with a bottle of white wine in a cooler. As we sat down, we were handed a menu which laid out the choices for dinner and asked what we wanted to drink. ‘What have you got?’ we asked, ‘Pure Blonde, Toohey’s, red & white wine, champagne soft drinks etc.’ came the reply. We ordered a couple of beers and a bottle of red wine, as we had all chosen beef for our main course.

As we settled down to our first drink, the boat slipped its mooring (note the seafaring speak there!) and we were on our way. Our waitress soon arrived with the entrée which was a large seafood selection consisting of salmon, king prawns and calamari. Afterwards I went outside on the balcony to take some pictures of the Harbour Bridge that was just passing overhead and on the way back I passed the bar. The barman, noticing the quizzical look on my, asked me if I wanted a drink, so I returned to the table with another couple of beers for Lawrence and me. I explained to Barbara and Lawrence that the barman was handing out drinks to all and sundry. Before the main course arrived, the boat sailed into Circular Quay to show us the light installations at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, the ferry terminal and the Sydney Opera House. When we saw the huge crowds packed along the quays we realised that booking the cruise was a great decision. The main course of beef and seasonal vegetables was excellent and this was followed by a selection of sweets (chocolate cake, tiramisu and a crème brulee) which I wolfed down. Finally, we arrived back at the wharf after three hours and after disembarking, we jumped into a taxi to take us back the train station at Circular Quays for the train back home.


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