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Saturday, 8th June, 2013

‘Song sung blue, everybody knows one’, ‘Sweet Caroline’ … come on everybody knows these classics from the one and only Neil Diamond. And this is the reason why tonight I found myself at the Bankstown Sports Club once again watching the Forever Diamond tribute show starring Peter Byrnes (

I’ve travelled up to Sydney, this morning, to stay at Barbara and Lawrence’s for the Queen’s Birthday long weekend. I was going to make the trip on Friday evening after work, but a combination of events prevented me from making the trip. The main one being Happy Hour at work, which seemed to morph into a bit of a session at the Hellenic club with Nick, James and Grainne!

Anyway, it was good to get all my washing and cleaning done this morning before I left and that way I won’t have to worry about it when I return home on Monday. Decent trip up along the Hume Highway, which was very quiet considering it’s a public holiday! Stopped once to grab a break and $2 coffee at the garage near Picton, which is where I keep seeing the skydivers coming into land at the Sydney Skydivers Centre. One day I’ll stop there and have a noisy round to see what going on, as it always seems to be busy.

After a lazy afternoon hanging around the house drinking tea and chatting to the whole family, I think it’s the first time I’ve seen Barbara, Lawrence, Zoe and Lauran at the same time! We got ourselves ready and jumped on the free bus, sent from the Sports Club, at six thirty. The free bus is a great idea in theory, but in practice it’s a bit of pain, as depending on the numbers already on and who it has to pick up, it can take a very long time to get to the final destination. Tonight, for instance there were already four people on the bus when we got picked up. Straight away the driver took a call (which he had to pull over to take down the details) enquiring on his whereabouts. After a long conversation, which we all heard, the caller cancelled his pick-up as the driver would be too long picking them up. We then proceeded to drop each of the four people already on the bus as it turned out that they were going home from the club. In the meantime the driver took a further two calls asking to be picked up, one of which he accepted and so by the time we arrived at the club it was pushing seven fifteen.

As Barbara picked up the tickets to the show, Lawrence and I went into the restaurant to grab a table and some drinks. Even though we were late getting to the club, we still had time to order a meal from the grill instead of selecting one from the pre-prepared section. The meals from the pre-prepared section are very nice, but I can’t help feeling that I’m back at school when we’re lining up to select something to eat.

The show was scheduled to start at eight o’clock and we just made it into the auditorium as the compare was introducing the Forever Diamond tribute, essentially SG and his band. The show, broken into two parts, was very good. It turns out the SG is from the west coast of Ireland and sort of fell into taking off Neil Diamond (he looks nothing like him, BTW) when he spotted covering a couple of his songs years back and was told that he sounded just like the great man. After the show we decided not to take the courtesy bus back, so we stayed in the piano bar for a few more beers before jumping a taxi for the trip home.


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