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Saturday, 19 May, 2013

Watching the telly during the week, I saw several advertisements for an air show at the Temora Aviation Museum. Not sure why this pricked my interest, but over the next couple of days I investigated what was going on via internet and also asked around the office as to how long it would take me to drive to Temora. Two and half hours seemed to be the consensus, which didn’t sound too bad to me, so this morning I rose at 07:00 with the intention of leaving my place at 07:30 in order to arrive in time for the gates opening at 10:00. Best laid plans and all that, flicked the telly to catch the early morning news and the channel that came on was showing the final of the Copa Del Rey in Spain involving Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. A quick calculation told me that the game would be over by 07:30 so I settled down to watch the end of the game which stood at 1-1. Oops, even though both teams had great chances to score the winner in normal time, the match ended in a draw. I couldn’t leave it there, I was committed now, so I kept watching to the bitter end, hoping that it didn’t go to penalties, which would have delayed me even more. As soon as the final whistle went on a 2-1 win for Atletico (Yeah!), I was out of the door and into the car hoping to make up the 45 minutes that I was behind schedule.

The roads were pretty quiet but keeping to the speed limits all the way over I couldn’t make much time up and I arrived in the car park of the museum just after 10:30. It’s just not worth speeding anywhere in Australia, as the traffic cops are everywhere and the fines are horrendous if you are caught. Mind you, the countryside on the way was picture postcard stuff. I wanted to catch the movie that was due to be shown in the main hanger at 10:30as it was relevant to the theme of the day, which was World War II Fighters, so I rushed in paid my $20 entrance fee and headed in to grab a seat.

Once the movie was over, we were all invited outside to watch the first of the flying displays for the day. Outside on the ‘flight line’ were all the aircraft that were due to fly during the day; a Wirraway; a Boomerang; a P-40 Kittyhawk and finally a Spitfire. I’ve seen most of these planes in pictures and on film, but have never been that close to anything like them before. The first thing that stuck me was how small they were, closely followed by how basic they looked while the stood there on the apron. Rushed down the flight line taking loads of photos while all the plane were in a nice neat line while I had the chance and then grabbed a sausage butty and a cup of tea from the canteen set up by one of the local charities. It was a good job that I brought my fleece, coat, hat and gloves as the wind was getting up and it was getting a bit chilly.

Around 11:30 the MC strode out of the maintenance hangar and started to address the waiting crowd of about 400 over the PA system. He explained how the showcase would pan out during the day, safety arrangements and then introduced the first fighter to be flown. Basically the format for all of the planes to be shown off was an introduction on how and why the plane in question was conceived, developed and where it operated in Australia and around the world during its operational life. After this, the plane was started and taxied down to the end of the runway where it took off and performed a short display of its capabilities before landing, returning to the flight line and finally shutting down. The pilot was then interviewed by the MC on how the plane flew and various other aspects of the flight.

It’s amazing how quickly three hours passes when something so interesting is unfolding in front of you and before I knew it the last of the fighters had landed, the pilot interviewed and the MC was telling us that was the day’s flying was over. However, the showcase wasn’t over and we were asked to stay put in the viewing area while the planes were relocated back into the maintenance hangar. Once this was completed, we were invited into the hanger to view the planes that had been flown today up close and chat to the pilots. Also in the hanger were a couple of other aircraft that were under maintenance and there were several of the staff who worked on them on hand as well to answer questions. As it was pretty full in the maintenance hangar, I took the opportunity to nip back into the aircraft hall to view the many other aircraft and aviation memorabilia (See pictures below). By the time I got back into the maintenance hangar, most of the other visitors had left, so I could I virtually had the place to myself where I could get some great pictures without anybody getting in the way.

The museum was due to close at 16:00, but being aware that it’s getting dark at around 17:30 these days, I left a little early in order to ensure that I was well on the way home before I lost the daylight. Pulled into my place just after 18:00, which give me the chance to grab a quick shower and jump on the bus into the Southern Cross Club in Woden to meet up with Barry to watch the Brummies play the Waratahs in a top of the league match up in Sydney. There was a big crowd in the club tonight and although the Brummies started the game well and were leading at half-time, the Waratahs came roaring back late in the second half to win the game 28-22.


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